Attend a Mountain Man Rendezvous

The first inhabitants of Yellowstone country were mountain men who survived by trapping, hunting, and fishing the area’s abundant wildlife.

Many of them got together once or twice a year to trade furs and hunting equipment at gatherings known as a rendezvouses, from the French meaning “appointed place of meeting.”

Many rendezvous reenactments are still held today in Yellowstone country.

Green River Rendezvous

One of the region’s best is the Green River Rendezvous, in Pinedale, Wyoming, held the second weekend of July. It includes Wyoming’s oldest historical pageant, started in 1936, and features action-packed reenactments filled with fur trappers, missionaries, Native Americans and explorers.

Other Rendezvous Near Yellowstone

Other rendezvous of note include:

- Burnt Hole Rendezvous in West Yellowstone, Montana
- Red Lodge Rendezvous in Red Lodge, Montana
- Port-Neuf Muzzleloaders Mountain Man Rendezvous in McCammon, Idaho
- 1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous in Riverton, Wyoming
- Fort Bridger Rendezvous in Lyman, Wyoming
- Bear River Rendezvous in Evanston, Wyoming

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