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Update: 12/10/12

The popular alpha female wolf, “832F”, was killed on Thursday, December 6th just outside of Yellowstone National Park bringing the total number of Yellowstone wolves hunted this year to eight. The alpha female was a widely photographed wolf and a leader of the Lamar Canyon pack. Like the others she was fitted with a GPS tracking collar, which will be returned to scientists.


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Over the past few weeks, hunters have killed seven wolves originally from Yellowstone National Park. Each of the wolves wore a GPS research collar, which helps park officials to monitor the wolf packs’ movements.

 Although those killings are technically legal under Montana state law, wildlife advocates and conservationists are fuming.

“We are outraged by the recent loss of wolves adjacent to Yellowstone National Park (YNP),” wrote Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston of The Wild Side, LLC on The National Wolfwatcher Coalition, LLC’s website, Wolfwatcher.  “We are asking officials to immediately close wolf hunting areas adjacent to YNP.”

Last year, Congress removed gray wolves from its list of endangered species. The animals cannot be hunted within Yellowstone’s borders, but once they cross the border, they’re fair game for hunters. According to an article by Ralph Maughan of The Wildlife News, most of the wolves were killed just beyond the park’s perimeter in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Wolf advocates believe that Yellowstone needs a buffer zone that would allow the wolves making their homes within the park to wander safely beyond its borders to a certain extent. This buffer zone would have strict wolf hunting and trapping regulations.

Advocates worry that the number of dead wolves will rise further once Montana’s trapping season opens in December. However, Dave Hallac, chief of Yellowstone’s Center for Resources, says that the park’s wolf population of 85-100 wolves can sustain the loss. Maughan notes that while seven losses might be sustainable, the wolf-hunting season isn’t over yet, and the wolf-trapping season hasn’t even begun.


By Courtney Holden


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  1. How Terrible!!! I bet the hunters wouldn’t like it if the wolves were able to hunt them! Killing a wolve is like killing a dog! Hunters just don’t get it! They are beautiful wild creatures & should be allowed to survive freely in or out of the park! They should be put back on the endangered list to keep them from being killed! Why are they allowed to be trapped in the first place? Please fight to have a safe buffer zone for the helpless wolves!!!

  2. Is it the thrill of the kill?One should only hunt for things they eat.

    patricia nealNovember 29, 2012 @ 8:26 pm
  3. This is totally unacceptable…seriously if the wolf stepsjust over the border its now o.k. to kill it ! OUTRAGEOUS! Yes something should be done to protect them…hunting just shouldn’t be allowed EVER!

  4. Hunting should be forbiden all over the world. Why should human beings have the right to murder other animals ? Be it wolfs, elephants………

    Terrible news coming from the (supposed) best country in this planet.


    MORGADO JoseNovember 30, 2012 @ 12:51 am
  5. hunting is for guys who have inadequacy issues. “uh oh, my d**k is too small…therefore, i’ll assert my manliness by killing something.” you know it’s true. i’m perfectly comfortable w/ what i’ve got; consequently, i don’t need to beat my chest.

  6. I agree there should be a buffer zone, for the safety of the wolves living in YNP. I am an animal lover too. Are these hunters protecting their families or just killing to kill? If protecting their family I guess I would try an alternative method then to trap or kill them or alert the authorities. On the same note most of hunting, regulates the population and can control wolves going too far out of there protected areas. If the population gets too big, after awhile they could be attacking little kids playing in backyards or even hit by a car if the population gets out of control. Some hunters I agree have issues and have a total different mindset about hunting. Just plain stupid and imature, but coming from a family of hunters – deer mostly, not all hunters are inhumane. People/hunters need to be taught to respect that laws and animals. My son is 14 yrs old I truly don’t feel he is hunting because he thinks that his “d**K” is too small. Hunting’s main purpose is to regulate the population, but if there are people out there hunting to kill, that I agree that is outrageous!


  7. Inadequacy issues ? I am pretty sure those don’t correlate at all. Hunters like the thrill of playing God, ultimate competition, or in many cases cheap food.

    A) Playing God hunters, I have a cousin that readily admits he likes knowing he is deciding whether or not an animal lives or dies.

    B) Competition, This would be me if I were not impatient. I’d like to hunt a wolf with a weapon I have made with my own hands.

    C) Food, bullet and deer license around 30 bucks for lots of meat.

    Most people do not care about the feelings of other animals, it has nothing to do with anything else. Also there is protection, if I had a farm and a predator capable of killing someone in my family was on it, I’d kill it. Venomous Spiders and Snakes automatically die at my house.

  8. Soooooo Glad I am not married to a Hunter! I also raised my sons to respect wildlife, for future generations. Seriously, of course you have the right to kill something that comes after you, if it does. Just don’t go out & try to find it! But I just read that Wolves can be shot on sight! That is just not right, if you saw a dog or cat walking down the road you could pull out a gun & legally kill it? Same Thing! Anyone that really cares write: Congress to protect the wolves again!

  9. the reintroduction of wolves to ynp almost 20 yrs ago had a profound effect on the whole ecosystem. it did a lot to control deer and elk populations, and the overbrousing these animals caused.if a wolf leaves ynp and kills a ranchers livestock,the rancher can be compensated by the state for the loss.there is no valid reason to hunt them at all,anywhere..

    george roedellNovember 30, 2012 @ 7:00 pm
  10. Wow, George Thank you for the info. didn’t know that the ranchers were being compensated by the state for a loss of livestock. So true, no reason to hunt them, at all. Please Write Congress to stop the trapping that will begin on Dec. 15th, it is so wrong to trap them & let them there to die a Cruel Death!!!

  11. I thought the whole idea of introducing wolves back into Yellowstone, was to ensure the natural balance was established in the northwest, beginning with a protected are such as Yellowstone. If we don’t allow the wolves outside the border where they can grow, and establish themselves as a viable predator species, like bears, then we’ve lost the fight. I agree we need to allow them time to flourish, and only law enforcment should be allowed to take out nuisance wolves, or packs that are threatening populations/towns.

    Scott ForbesDecember 3, 2012 @ 4:47 pm
  12. Thank you, Rick – those are my thoughts exactly! It is nothing more than a testosterone orgy. Real men do not kill defenseless animals to feel big.

    I lived around wolves in Ontario, that did not interfere with man and we respected them and valued their place in the environment.

    Margaret A Wilson

    Margaret A WilsonDecember 11, 2012 @ 12:02 am
  13. Personally, I’m lobbying all my FB friends to boycott Yellowstone Park until the state change their hunting laws. The amount of money wildlife watchers bring into the area is amazing. If you hit government where it hurts the most, re-election and money, they listen, nothing else seems to move them to action

    I’ve followed the wolfs of Yellowstone for years, this year we finally got to come and spend two wks. It was beyond my wildest dreams. Now to see that some “mighty hunter” shot a wolf that I personally saw is disgusting to me.

    Carolyn HobbsDecember 13, 2012 @ 3:56 pm
  14. JM. Your thinking is misguided. I’m also outraged by the killing of the wolves, but hunting in general serves a great purpose in regulating over-populated game animals that become road hazards, and cause millions in private property damages, not to mention the number of people killed in car/deer collisions. Over-population also leads to slow starvation and disease among the animals. You should educate yourself on this matter.

  15. I had read that they did stop the trapping outside the Northern part of the park, wether it is true I am not sure. I also read that the alpha female that was killed had a $4,000 GPS collar on, she also left behind 5 pups when she was shot. What will happen to the pups, it is winter, will they starve? I also read that the man that shot her was “bragging” about shooting her. Can’t tell you what I think should be done to HIM!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the rest of the border of YNP will also be protected! It is so wrong to kill wolves that were on the endangered list not too long ago! It is so upsetting! Carolyn so true “Mighty Hunter” shooting a helpless animal or shooting the wolves once they are trapped point blank is terrible. Too bad the wolves can’t protect themselves & shoot back!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. No, you don’t beat your chest because your to busy beating your meat!

  17. Have any of you seen a wolf kill it’s prey? Have you ever watched a documentary on them? They are not just like domestic dogs, more like wild vicious dogs. They do not kill their prey before eating it. They kill by eating out their sides while alive, and just leaving the poor thing to a slow horrible death. How would you feel if you were a rancher bordering the park, and found your prized breeding ewe or cow, worth thousands of dollars, lying with it’s guts eaten out, and still breathing. The gov. does not even begin to compensate the entire cost of this maimed animal that the rancher now how to destroy.
    There is always more than one side to a story. Get all the facts first.
    I also visited YNP this past summer for the first time. My husband was there 20 years ago, and was disappointed that we did not see other wild life, elk, deer, moose, bear, like he did before, all because the wolves have driven them out of the valleys.

  18. That is naive. Many people need to hunt to survive. They don’t have the luxery of sitting in their sheltered lives such as you. Most hunters also use their kill as a food source. Hunting such as this is done merely as sport. Most hunter do not fit into this category. And unless you are a strict vegan you are then an accomplice to murder every day.

  19. Seriously, get a f**king clue. You have no idea the feeling of “most” hunters.

  20. Also teach your son that too much of a population of any animal is determental to its health and future survival. It is not the hunters that are making certain animals extinct. It’s the yuppie that needs to have a 5000 sq ft house in the suburbs and then complains that the bears are destroying his birdfeeders or the deer are eating his landscaping.

  21. Also the bear population is down because one of the reasons being is their food source is being taken by the wolves. One of the main sources of quick protein after hibernation was the winter kill of elk, deer, etc. The wolves don’t hibernate so they eat the winter kill throughout the winter leaving very little for the bears come spring.

  22. Seriously, I’m sure Yellowstone will be just fine with out you and your friends visiting. There will be other to take your place. I’m sure none of you live here and have only visited once or twice and feel your gonna save the wolves one at a time. I don’t like not being able to bring my dogs hiking with me for fear that they are gonne be attacked by a wolf. Wolves are killing family dogs in the Jackson area. But your right wolves are pretty little puppy dogs. I don’t tell you how to run your state, so please don’t tell us how to run ours. Wolves are making it hard for all other animals to survive. They are just too many and they’ve moved far beyond Yellowstone.

  23. Sorry for your loss, but It sounds like the “Hunters” have killed alot of wolves so maybe the livestock will be Ok now. Or maybe you should put up fences with barbwire around the livestock that are in danger, just an idea. To kill a wolve that steps outside YNP with a tracking collar on it is not the same as wolves coming into town & killing dogs. If you do live there so you know the dangers, & also how lucky you are to be able to live in such a beautiful place. And Yes we will still visit YNP area even though we may not approve of the hunting & trapping laws.

  24. Some of you people are just stupid. Wolves have not hurt the population of game in the park. Wolves have to KILLN the way they do becuase they dont carry guns!!!! Sorry if it offends you but God made them they way they are. They dont sit around and say ” let’s go eat another animal alive for the fun of it”!!!! They have to do what they do to survive!! For crying out loud people stop being so damn stupid!!!!! Stop butchering animals because you can. Let them live!!!

  25. I too have shot many wolves but with my camera. Take a look at this video I made this past September of 832F and her pack. If I can do this standing out in the open surrounded my many other wolf admirers, how hard can it be for a “hunter” to shoot one with a gun. What a shame.

  26. The video was very touching, how could anyone be so heartless as to shoot them? John do you know what happened to 832F’s pup’s, has anyone seen them since her death? Thank you for only shooting with your camera!

  27. They are still being killed 1,000 so far this year! They were just endangered now they are allowed to be slaughtered!!!

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