Yellowstone Park Wildlife Guide
Dave M. Shumway

Photo Finder: Yellowstone Picture Blog

Dave M. Shumway

Dave, the staff photographer and web content manager for Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mt, has two passions– one for the outdoors and one for photography. To this end he spends much of his time in the ecosystems in and around Yellowstone National Park, taking least one trip to Yellowstone a month. This gives him a perspective on the wildlife and ecosystem that few have. The results of his extensive time in field can be seen on online galleries loaded with images of North American wildlife and landscapes.

David Barnes

Don’t-Miss List: Yellowstone Sightseeing and Natural Wonders Blog

David Barnes

David Barnes grew up hearing stories of Yellowstone from his father who was a bellhop at Old Faithful Inn during the 1950s. David moved to West Yellowstone, Montana two years ago and finally got his chance to explore the park himself. He likes exploring the natural wonders of Montana and meeting the unique people who live in this state. David runs a small retail store in West Yellowstone.


Jamie Broussard


Monique Stertz

Nate Alcorn

Headlines: Yellowstone News Blog  

Nate Alcorn

Nate Alcorn is a senior at Northern Arizona University studying journalism. Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, the outdoors – and especially the National Parks – have always held a place in his heart. Growing up so close to the Rocky Mountains and later living close to the Grand Canyon, there has never been a shortage of opportunities. For Nate, Yellowstone National Park has always been a symbol of adventure. From frosty Tetons to the earth-shaking geysers, he has always been struck with awe of the beauty and mystery of this country.

Pete Bookmyer

Adventure Guide: Yellowstone Backcountry and Adventure Blog

Pete Bookmyer

Pete Bookmyer is an avid fly fisherman, skier, musician, and outdoorsman.  He lives in the hip town of Jackson,  Wyoming – the perfect hub for all his favorite activities.  Originally from Birmingham, Michigan, Pete went to college at the University of Denver. Pete and his dog Huckleberry hope to see you on the river soon!

Rob Wood

Rob Wood

Top Ten Things to do in Yellowstone

1. Take a Hike

To explore Yellowstone’s wild side, get off the beaten path and onto the park’s 1,300-mile trail system. Read More...

2. Watch Geysers Erupt

Yellowstone is the largest active geyser field in the world. Read More...

3. Go Rafting

Looking for an escape from the summer heat? Can’t beat a whitewater rafting adventure! Read More...

4. Experience the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is breathtaking!

5. Attend a Powwow

Powwows serve to preserve the rich heritage of Native American culture and allow tribal members to participate in traditional rituals. Read More...

6. Ride a Horse

No other activity fulfills the Western dream for families visiting this region like a horseback ride. Read More...

7. Go Camping

One of the best ways to experience the Yellowstone region is by spending a night or more under the stars. Read More...

8. Catch a Fish

Fishing in Yellowstone is an experience that compares with few other places on earth. Read More...

9. Watch a Rodeo

Every town in Yellowstone country has a rodeo. Try Cheyenne Frontier Days, Cody Nite Rodeo, Rock Springs’ Red Desert Rodeo or Lander’s Pioneer Days Rodeo. Read More...

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