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Today’s lightweight D-SLR cameras and lenses have the versatility to capture everything on your journey, including night scenes, beautiful wide-angle scenics and close-ups. Whether you’re shooting a scenic Yellowstone landscape, photographing bison in Lamar Valley, or capturing the intense colors of a hot spring, Tamron lenses do almost every possible kind of subject beautifully.

Tamron Photo Tips For Yellowstone Photography

Photographic Memories Photo Contest Presented by Tamron

Enter the 4th Annual National Park Trips Photo Contest presented by Tamron. Starting in March of 2014, we’ll be on the search for photographs that best embody your experience in our National Parks. Enter Now…

Dave Shumway Photo Blog

Dave M. Shumway, the staff photographer and web content manager for Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mt, has two passions– one for the outdoors and one for photography. He spends much of his time in and around Yellowstone National Park, taking least one trip to Yellowstone a month. This gives him a perspective on the wildlife and ecosystem that few have. Read More…

Jeff Vanuga Yellowstone Photography

Capturing the essence of Yellowstone on film is both easy and challenging. There’s beautiful subject matter almost everywhere you turn, but taking the perfect photo isn’t always a snap. Jeff Vanuga — a professional photographer based in Dubois, WY — has been photographing Yellowstone since 1980 and has a few tips of the trade. Read More...

Wildlife & Nature Photography Tips

Get tips from Tamron and professional photographers on how to take the best wildlife and nature pictures. Read More...

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