Dave M. Shumway

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Dave M. Shumway

Dave, the staff photographer and web content manager for Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mt, has two passions– one for the outdoors and one for photography. To this end he spends much of his time in the ecosystems in and around Yellowstone National Park, taking least one trip to Yellowstone a month. This gives him a perspective on the wildlife and ecosystem that few have. The results of his extensive time in field can be seen on online galleries loaded with images of North American wildlife and landscapes.


April in Yellowstone: On the Move

April in Yellowstone: B&W

March in Yellowstone: B&W

March in Yellowstone: Big Horn Sheep, Icy Pinecone

Winter Roads in Yellowstone

Buried in Snow in Yellowstone

North for Winter in Yellowstone

Coyotes, The Lesser Dogs of Winter

May in Yellowstone: Old Faithful, Morning Glory Pool

May in Yellowstone: Yellowstone River