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2017 Yellowstone Journal

Get the magazine that’s all about road trips to Yellowstone National Park and what to do once you get there. Our Yellowstone edition helps 875,000 readers plan their vacation.

The 2017 annual Yellowstone edition has 128 pages filled with insider tips and hidden gems. Learn about America’s first national park, including which entrance is closest to the attractions you want to see, a park map, a fun guide to where to camp and where to hike and a wildlife guide. To make the most of your time in the park, follow our “48 Hours of Yellowstone” photo itinerary. Then get inspired by our centerfold photo of the sunset at Grand Prismatic.

In addition to the National Park Journal, Yellowstone edition, we produce three additional in-depth park editions, including the Grand Canyon edition, Rocky Mountain edition and Yosemite edition.


Entrance Primer 48 hours of Yellowstone

Every journey to this remote national park starts with you and your family departing from an airport or home town, so we show you our favorite six road trips to the park. Whether you start in Texas, California, Utah, Colorado or Chicago, you’ll find roadside attractions that you won’t want to pass up. The final road trip is for those who want to add to their Yellowstone vacation by traveling north through Montana to another beautiful park, Glacier National Park.

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