Yellowstone’s Natural Wonders

Sometimes Yellowstone’s geyser and waterfalls overshadow some of the park’s amazing natural wonders. See petrified trees, natural rock arches, lava formations, and hoodoos.

The Yellowstone River beside Calcite Springs lava formations. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski

Basalt Columns like “Rock Fence Posts” in Yellowstone

See massive rock columns that look like fence posts. They were formed by lava flow 1.3 million years ago. The rock columns can be found at Calcite Springs near Tower, and at Sheepeater Cliff. Read More...

A petrified tree in northern Yellowstone. Photo by Ben Wadzinski

How Yellowstone’s Petrified Forests Were Created

Large “petrified forests” or fossil forests cover much of the Yellowstone National Park’s northern portion. Read More...

Mud Volcano Dragon's Mouth Hot Spring

Listen to the Recorded Sounds of Yellowstone

Free access to audio clips of people, animals and nature (think a bubbling geyser), many of which have been recorded in the Greater Yellowstone area. Read More...

Yellowstone's Natural Bridge in the Bridge Bay Area. Photo by Greg Willis [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

See a Natural Bridge or Arch

Visitors to the Yellowstone region can see a natural bridge or arch in a few places. Read More...

Petrified Forest

Yellowstone’s Petrified Forest

Around 50 million years ago, scientists say this area of the park was flourishing with tall redwood trees, maples, magnolias, oaks, dogwoods, and pines when volcanic eruptions from the nearby Absaroka Mountain range buried the forest in ash. Read More...