Getting Around Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Road Map

Yellowstone’s main travel thoroughfares are the five entrance roads and the Grand Loop Road. On the Loop, you’ll find many visitor centers, museums, boardwalks, and scenic side roads.

Shaped like a figure eight, the Grand Loop is approximately 142 miles long with the average speed limit of 45 mph.

The bison, bears, and other wildlife don’t obey traffic laws or speed limits. If wildlife get on or near the road,¬†traffic¬†often comes to a stop. For this reason, it can take anywhere from 4 hours to 7 hours to drive the entire loop.

Overview Map Featured Image

A Quick Overview Map of Yellowstone

Start here with a map showing the locations of 25 areas of Yellowstone including visitor information centers, camping, lodging, dining, and geysers. Read More...

Bison on the road near Yellowstone National Park

Do I need a car to tour Yellowstone? How long does it take to drive the Grand Loop?

During the summer season, cars are the best option for taking a trip around Yellowstone unless you are riding with a bus tour or concessionaire that provides transportation. The Grand Loop takes between 4 to 7 hours to drive in full. Read More...

Firehole Falls. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski

Firehole Canyon Drive to Falls & Swimming in Yellowstone

Firehole Canyon Drive is a 2-mile, one-way road off the Grand Loop south of Madison. The drive has a waterfall overlook and swimming area. Watch the time-lapse video. Read More...

Firehole Spring. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski

Firehole Lake Drive off Yellowstone’s Grand Loop

Firehole Lake Road is a 3-mile, one-way road off the Grand Loop between Old Faithful and Madison. Geysers & hot springs are visible from the road & boardwalk. Watch the time-lapse video of the drive. Read More...

Google Map Error during winter and spring for Yellowstone Trip Planning

Google Mapping Errors for Yellowstone During Winter and Spring

In winter or spring when some Yellowstone roads are closed, Google maps shows alternate roads outside the park, even if you are planning a summer trip. Read More...

Old Faithful Visitor Center

Visitor Centers & Museums in Yellowstone National Park

There are eight main visitor centers, seven of which are inside Yellowstone. The eighth is in West Yellowstone, Montana near the West Entrance. Read More...

Roosevelt Gate: For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People.

Which Entrance to Yellowstone National Park Should I Take?

There are five Yellowstone park entrances in three states, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, allowing easy access to this vast park. Read More...

Construction Area of Yellowstone's Grand Loop 2014-2016

Yellowstone Grand Loop Road Construction

Yellowstone’s Grand Loop Road will have some construction on roads and bridges the summers 2014-2016. The bulk of the construction will be the 16-mile section of the loop between Norris Geyser Basin and the Golden Gate area south of Mammoth Hot Springs. Read More...

Yellowstone's Grand Loop Road from Madison Junction to Old Faithful exit

Yellowstone’s Grand Loop – Madison Junction to Old Faithful

This stretch of the Grand Loop from Madison Junction intersection to the exit for the Old Faithful area is the most popular and has the most geyser basins. Read More...

Grand Loop Drive from West Thumb to Lake Village

Yellowstone’s Grand Loop – West Thumb to Lake Village

This 21-mile stretch of the Grand Loop Road from the West Thumb to Lake Village travels along the side of Yellowstone Lake with hotels, visitor centers, and a geyser basin boardwalk. Read More...