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Yellowstone at the Movies

Everyone knows about the beautiful Ken Burns documentary (“The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”) showcasing the nation’s parks. But who saw “2012” starring John Cusack? Well at 1:08-minute marker of the below clip you can see what the end of the world looks like while driving around Yellowstone in an RV with John Cusack and a cute kid.

And in one of Paul Walker’s first films (Walker became famous for the Fast & the Furious franchise and infamous for the fiery car crash that killed him in 2013), he and fellow surfer dude Stew are mistaken for Yellowstone park rangers come to rescue the park from evil.

Seeing a movie trend here?

In 2005 the BBC released a made-for-television movie called “Supervolcano”. Lucky for you, the whole two-hours is available on YouTube (quality is variable).

But it wasn’t always doom and gloom when it came to Yellowstone movies. In 1959, people swooned over Clint Walker, star of “Yellowstone Kelly,” in a plot in which a fur-trapper fell in love with an Arapahoe woman. In the early 1900s several silent films were shot in the park including “Cupid Angling” from 1918 starring Ruth Roland and “Seeing America” in 1916 – both of these films were also shot in Yosemite National Park.

See a complete list of movies shot in national parks.

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