About Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful Geyser next to the Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful Geyser next to the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park

Start here for basic information about the park. Learn where Yellowstone is in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions such as what to pack and how close you should get to wild animals. Are you planning a trip far in advance? Check our weather articles to learn what to expect in different seasons. And, Yellowstone is huge, so don’t forget to download a park map.

Yellowstone Seasonal Access

All five entrances, facilities, and roads (barring road construction) are open during the summer vacation season. Parts of the national park are closed to wheeled vehicles during the winter (November through early May). Many facilities also have seasonal opening and closing dates. Several times a year, all national parks have free days. Otherwise, entry fees apply. Please check Yellowstone’s regulations before entering the park.

Getting Around Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone’s main roads are the five entrance roads and the Grand Loop road. On the Loop, you’ll find many visitor centers, museums, boardwalks, and scenic side roads. All major roads are accessible by RVs and other large vehicles, but most side roads are not. Yellowstone has no shuttle bus service. To travel around Yellowstone, you’ll need a car, motorcycle, bike, or tour transportation.

Download a Yellowstone National Park Map PDF

Planning a Yellowstone vacation? Be sure to download the official Yellowstone National Park map showing park roads, attractions, and more. Read More...

Frequently Asked Questions about Yellowstone National Park

Our Yellowstone Experts answers questions about falling into a geyser, seeing a bear, and booking a hotel room. Which is more fearsome? Also find answers about fees and regulations. Read More...

Yellowstone National Park History

Yellowstone was the first national park in the world. Learn about the history of the park, the people who were passionate about the area, and the transitions that park has gone through. Read More...

Yellowstone Places

Get oriented for your Yellowstone vacation by learning about park places including info on where the park is located, the visitor center areas and entrances. Read More...

Yellowstone Weather and Seasons

Yellowstone National Park weather is dynamic due to the high altitude of the park. The park is open to visitors year-round. Read More...

Yellowstone Wildlife and Nature Conservation

Learn about the conservation efforts and the controversial issues concerning the Yellowstone ecosystem. Read More...