Wildlife Watching

Where and when to see bears, wolves, moose and other wildlife inside Yellowstone National Park and beyond the park boundaries.

Sparring Wyoming moose in autumn. Photo by Jeff Vanuga

10 Places to Watch Wildlife Beyond Yellowstone Park

Catch wildlife-viewing fever in Yellowstone? You can see magnificent animals far beyond the park’s boundaries in Wyoming, Idaho or Montana. Read More...

Bison herd with two calves. Photo by Jerry Gates

How close can I get to wild animals in Yellowstone?

Stay at least 100 yards away from bears and wolves and at least 25 yards away from other large mammals like bison, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, moose and coyotes. Read More...


My Yellowstone Wildlife Watching Adventure

Recently, my family embarked on a 1-day private tour with the Yellowstone Association Institute. Read about our adventure. Read More...

Yellowstone's Hayden Valley with a herd of bison. Photo by Jeff Vanuga

Watch Wildlife in Lamar Valley and Hayden Valley

Yellowstone’s huge, wide valleys make excellent habitat for wildlife. For your best chance of spotting them, point your compass toward the Lamar and Hayden. Read More...

Grizzly bear. Photo by Jeff Vanuga

Where to Watch Grizzly Bears, Wolves and More in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Park is home to the largest concentration of large and small mammals in the Lower 48 states. We show you where in the park and surrounding areas you can spot them, and the gear you need to get a close look. Read More...


Wild Animal Tracking in Yellowstone

Dr. James Halfpenny, famous mammal tracker, instructor and author in Yellowstone National Park, says reading animal tracks is like a detective game Read More...