Free Yellowstone Trip Planner

Free Trip Planner

Get your vacation packet stuffed full of information about the park and from our vacation partners. Includes fun road trips and maps.

Yellowstone National Park


48 Hours in Yellowstone

Only have 48 hours? Make the most of your time by visiting some of our favorite spots in the park including wildlife watching, dining at historic lodges and see geysers erupt.


Watch Wildlife in Yellowstone

Observe wildlife in their natural habitat, roaming Yellowstone National Park. Favorite animals for wildlife watching are grizzly bear, wolves, and bison.

Man on a Yellowstone boardwalk in front of a hot springs

Yellowstone Volcano

Did you know that Yellowstone National Park is actually an active supervolcano? The bubbling geysers and hot springs are an indication of the churning activity below the surface.

I Wonder...

Yellowstone’s five entrance gates make it accessible from all directions. The popular Yellowstone gateway towns of Jackson Hole and Cody in Wyoming, plus West Yellowstone, Silver Gate/Cooke City and Gardiner in Montana, are the closest towns to Yellowstone and have many hotels, resorts, and camping areas.

Most people drive to the park. Check out our road trip ideas. There are also several airports near the park including in Cody, Jackson Hole, West Yellowstone, and Bozeman. Once you get to the park, you will need a car or tour transportation to get around because there are no shuttles.

Where should I stay on my Yellowstone vacation?

There are several campgrounds, cabins, and lodges inside the park. There are also many lodging options near Yellowstone’s entrances. Depending on the season, you will need to reserve hotels and campgrounds well in advance.

What animals will I see in Yellowstone?

Grizzly and black bears are the most popular to watch for in the park. Gray wolves and bison round out the top three. Be sure to stay a safe distance from wild animals.