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Last Chance Stampede Rodeo near Helena, Montana

9 Best Rodeos in Yellowstone Country

Just about every town in the Yellowstone area has a rodeo throughout the year. Wyoming is the rodeo capital of the West. See a list of the best.

Grizzly bear walking among flowering grass

10 Best Things to Do in Yellowstone and Beyond

On your Yellowstone vacation, see geysers, wild animals, and a grand canyon with giant waterfalls. Go rafting, horseback riding, and hiking.

Couple taking a selfie next to a geyser.

Bad Selfies: 6 Places Not to Pose in Yellowstone

Don't pose too close to wildlife, geysers, hot springs, the canyon's edge, or the Lake. Ouch! Here are suggestions on how to take pain-free photos.

Downtown Cooke City, Montana

Cooke City and Silver Gate, Tiny Outposts to Yellowstone

Scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, and unique small-town charm dominate in the tiny outpost between Yellowstone and the imposing Beartooth Mountains.

Stormy night skies at sunset over Spasm Geyser in Yellowstone. Photo by Rob Wood Photography

Average Yellowstone Weather by Season

Dynamic weather adds intrigue to your vacation. Visit Yellowstone in spring, summer, fall or winter for an adventure that changes in each season.

Bison on the move at sunrise in Lamar Valley in Yellowstone

Watch Wildlife in Lamar Valley and Hayden Valley

Yellowstone’s huge, wide valleys make excellent habitat for wildlife. For your best chance of spotting them, point your compass toward the Lamar and Hayden.

A bison crosses the road as firefighters battle the 1988 Yellowstone fires. Photo courtesy NPS

The Summer Yellowstone Burned. What Went Wrong in 1988?

“Three-hundred-sixty degrees around me, everything was on fire,” he said, recalling Sept. 7, 1988 when a firestorm broke loose near the Old Faithful Inn.

Yellowstone Old Faithful Geyser

About Old Faithful, Yellowstone's Famous Geyser

Watch Old Faithful erupt and and explore exciting FAQs about Yellowstone's most famous geyser.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Lower Falls from Artist Point.

Yellowstone's Artist Point Name Was a Mistake

Many people think that this was the spot where famous artist Thomas Moran painted. Yellowstone Park photographer F. Jay Haynes thought the same thing.

Couple holding hands in Yellowstone

Romancing the Yellowstone - Top 5 Romantic Things to Do

Forget roses and chocolate - for real romance, you can’t beat these Yellowstone activities. Plan now for Valentine's Day, a wedding proposal or anniversary.

The Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park

Did You Know There is a Grand Canyon in Yellowstone?

Giant waterfalls pierce the Yellowstone River while pastel colors mark the locations of hot springs and steam vents in the canyon walls.

Family hiking on Bunsen Peak Trail in Yellowstone

Top 3 Trails for Hiking with Kids in Yellowstone

There’s no better way to experience Yellowstone than out on the trail. Just follow these tips for family-friendly fun.

Danger sign at the West Thumb in Yellowstone

Unnatural Deaths in Yellowstone - And How to Avoid Them

The second edition of Lee Whittlesey's popular book "Death in Yellowstone" was released with 60 new tales of demise.

25 minute old elk calf at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Cute Baby Animals of Yellowstone!

If capturing a glimpse of wobbling baby elk and furry baby black bears is on your bucket list, plan to head to Yellowstone National Park between April and June.

Kayaking on Yellowstone Lake

My Paddling Trip on Yellowstone Lake, Miles From Nowhere

Yellowstone Lake’s South Arm is 8 miles from the nearest asphalt and only a few ridges away from the most remote, far-from-a-road spot in the continental U.S.

Devil's Tower. Photo by B D via Wikimedia Commons

Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming

Travelers roaming through the northeastern Wyoming prairie will be treated to a strange and wonderful sight: a striking stone column rising seemingly out of nowhere.

kids in the back of the car on vacation

Yellowstone on the Cheap

16 things to do in and around Yellowstone that are free or cheap. We give you the details and a map to follow.

Rafting the Gallatin River with Montana Whitewater

4 Secrets to a Successful Yellowstone Rafting Trip

Helpful tips on choosing the right Yellowstone rafting trip, what to bring, how to stay safe and what to wear.

Kayaking on Jackson Lake with O.A.R.S.

Self-Guided Canoeing and Kayaking in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks

One of the best ways to enjoy this region is to canoe a beautiful stretch of water.