Grizzlies leaving dens

According to the National Park, Yellowstone grizzly bears have begun emerging from their dens in the park.

According to the National Park, Yellowstone grizzly bears have begun emerging from their dens in the park.

Yellowstone officials first reported grizzly activity this spring when employees observed a grizzly on March 12th in the north central area of the park. Shortly after the first spotting, fresh tracks were found near the main Old Faithful area. And just a week after, more activity was reported in Shoshone National Forest.

As the bears come out of their den, they immediately begin searching for food, which can lead to more aggressive behavior. Within the park, they are often known to look for carcases of bison who have died over the winter. Visitors and hikers are advised to continue to practice proper bear safety.

As the park requires, it is best to stay 100 yards away from both black and grizzly bears. When in the backcountry, hikers should be in groups of three or more and make noise as well as carry bear spray.

Yellowstone experienced two deaths from grizzly maulings this past summer. In both cases, a sow grizzly was linked to the incidents and was euthanized.