Yellowstone Tops the List for Best White Christmas

There was a slow start to the winter recreation season because of no snow, but the park got some fresh white powder and is now a winter wonderland.

USA Today published their annual "10 Best" list for the Best White Christmas. It's no surprise that Yellowstone National Park came in on top. Their criteria? Snow.

Okay, Yellowstone did have a slow start to their winter recreation season because of lack of snow, but mid-December the park got some fresh white powder and is now officially a winter wonderland.

JonathanErdman, senior meteorologist with The Weather Channel told USA Today, "It's not just geysers that are faithful at this huge western park. Statistically, there's a 100% chance of at least three inches of snow cover on Dec. 25, and a 91% chance of at least a foot. "That's about as deadest of a certainty of a white Christmas as you can get."

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Bison walking through deep snow near Tower Junction in March. Photo by NPS Jim Peaco.

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