Comment on Yellowstone Fee Hike by Dec 20

The proposals are for a $5 increase for each Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks, and a longstanding combined entrance fee would be eliminated.
Yellowstone's South Entrance. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski

Fees at many national parks might increase in 2015, Yellowstone included.

A proposal would result in a $5 increase for entrance to either Yellowstone or Grand Teton, but would be more significant for those headed through both parks because a longstanding combined entrance fee would be eliminated.

Historically, the combined entrance fee made sense because the only way to access Yellowstone's South Entrance is to drive through Grand Teton National Park. Soon, travelers from Jackson Hole and other areas south will need to pay an additional fee just to drive through Grand Teton. Download a Park Map.

Starting May 1, 2015, a three-day Yellowstone-only pass would cost $30, a seven-day two-park pass would cost $50 and an annual pass for Yellowstone or Grand Teton — not both — would be $60.

The Annual National Park Pass would remain $80 which is good for admission to all national parks, forests, and monuments. Since Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier parks are all relatively close, and South Dakota's Mount Rushmore and Badlands are within a drivable distance, this annual pass seems to be the best deal.

What Does the Entrance Fee Money Support?

Each national park gets to keep 80 percent of the entrance fees they collect.

According to the Powell Tribune, "Entrance fees have been providing about $4 million a year for projects in Yellowstone and administrators believe this proposal will boost that figure to $7 million (and $11.3 million a year in total). Part of the boost would be that Yellowstone would no longer share its revenue with Grand Teton, something currently required with joint park passes."

Supported Yellowstone Projects Include:

  • road overlays, patching, chipseal, drainage, and erosion control
  • improved accessibility for people with disabilities
  • increased monitoring and mitigation of park resources
  • campground upgrades
  • rehabilitation of park structures
  • utility systems repairs

Might We Suggest Stopping to Pick up Gramma on the Way to Yellowstone?

U.S. citizens 62 and older can purchase a lifetime Senior Interagency Pass for $10. What a deal - Gramma can get the whole carload into all the parks with her card.

How to Send a Comment to Yellowstone about the Proposed Fee Hike

There is still time to submit a comment about Yellowstone's fee proposal before the December 20th deadline.

Submit a Comment to Yellowstone in Person or by Mail

Attn: Entrance Fee Proposal
Management Assistant Office
P.O. Box 168
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190.

Submit a Comment to Yellowstone Online


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