Fires blaze across Yellowstone National Park


After a lightning strike Aug. 25, the Yellowstone Point fire continues, reaching the total burning area to over 1,100 acres over the past holiday weekend.


The fire, which is situated on the eastern shore of Yellowstone Lake is continually fueled by strong breezes and winds in the area. Visitors have yet to feel any major effects from the fire other than visible smoke near the park's eastern entrance and the precautionary closure of Thorofare Trail to the Nine Mile Trail head one mile south of the fire area.

Several other fires are currently burning in the park as well. Wildland fires in the Yellowstone backcountry caused by more lightning strikes are burning in an area managed as the Heart Complex.

Only covering about 16-18 acres, the Gibbons Fire, currently burns roughly three miles south of Madison Junction.

In addition, the Ouzel, Huckleberry, and Pitchstone fires currently burn within the park. With each less than an acre in size, the fires are being managed and are being allowed burn naturally.

Two other fires were declared out this week: the Sour Fire, east of Canyon Village and the Heart Fire just north of Heart Lake. Both burnt less than a tenth of an acre.

As of right now, park officials are saying on the website that the fires currently pose no threat to visitors. Aside from minor and temporary trail and backcountry closures, all roads and entrances remain open and functional.