Moose Killed

Three moose in West Yellowstone fell victim to a poacher at the end of October 2012. The hunter made no effort to salvage the meat, instead leaving the three carcasses there to rot.
Moose in Yellowstone

Moose Killed by Poacher in West Yellowstone

Three moose in West Yellowstone fell victim to a poacher at the end of October, reported the West Yellowstone News.

Officials deduced that the trio—a cow, bull and young adult—were eating in the Antelope Basin aspen grove roughly 50 feet from the road when they were shot and killed. The hunter made no effort to salvage the meat, instead leaving the three carcasses there to rot.

“There is no way this is anything but a deliberate criminal act,” Game Warden Jim Smolcynski told the newspaper. “This person is not a sportsman or a hunter – this person is a criminal out to destroy Montana wildlife.”

FWP biologist Julie Cunningham agrees with Smolcynski’s opinion.

“This is not just a sad waste of these three animals,” she said in a prepared statement. “It’s a blow to the population and its future.”

Those with information about the shooter can contact Warden Smolcynski at (406) 581-6231 or TIP MONT at (800) 847-6668.

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by Courtney Holden


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