Road Closings in Yellowstone After Labor Day 2014

Two sections of Yellowstone National Park's Grand Loop Road will be closed for construction - Old Faithful to West Thumb, and Mammoth to Norris.
Road Construction after Labor Day 2014

After Labor Day, road crews will begin work on two sections of Yellowstone's Grand Loop Road (shown in yellow on the map above).

Part of the road between Old Faithful and West Thumb will be closed for the season starting at 6 a.m. on Tuesday September 2nd. They will be demolishing and building a new bridge at Isa Lake. This will mostly affect visitors entering the park from the south entrance on the way to Old Faithful. They should expect an extra two hours of travel time by detouring through Fishing Bridge, Canyon Village, Norris, and finally Madison.

The road from Mammoth Hot Springs to Norris has been under construction with traffic delays all summer of 2014. Note that it will be closed completely from Sunday, September 14th to Tuesday, September 30th. This is to repair road damage from the nearby geysers and hot springs. Within the next five years, the Park Service plans to relocate this part of Grand Loop Road that takes visitors past Frying Pan Spring. During the closure, you will still have access to Sheepeater Cliff south of Mammoth, and Norris Campground north of Norris.

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Damage to Firehole Lake Drive. Photo by NPS

Yellowstone Roads - Are They Melting?

Firehole Lake Drive, a side road to the Grand Loop Road, was closed for a few days due to the asphalt "melting." A 16-mile portion of the Grand Loop is also being repaired and plans are to move the road.

Construction Area of Yellowstone's Grand Loop 2014-2016

Yellowstone Grand Loop Road Construction

Yellowstone's Grand Loop Road will have some construction on roads and bridges the summers 2014-2016. The bulk of the construction will be the 16-mile section of the loop between Norris Geyser Basin and the Golden Gate area south of Mammoth Hot Springs.