Despite Little Snow, Yellowstone Opens for Over Snow Traffic

Mon, Dec 15, 2014 marked the first day of the winter tour season in Yellowstone allowing snowmobile, snowcoach, skis and snowshoes in some areas of the park.
Old Faithful Snow Lodge in Winter

Snowcoaches outside the Snow Lodge

Monday, Dec 15 marked the first day of the winter tour season in Yellowstone. This means that sections of Yellowstone can be traversed by snowmobile, snowcoach, skis and snowshoes.

Many roads have been closed since mid October in anticipation of snow but Yellowstone has gotten very little snow so far this year. Not good news for over-snow tours. Areas that are ready for recreation are as follows:

  • Over-snow travel from the South Entrance to Old Faithful
  • Rubber track and high-clearance 4wd vehicles may travel from West Yellowstone to Old Faithful
  • Commercial snowcoaches with rubber tracks or large over snow tires will be permitted to offer visitor travel on road segments linking Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris, Madison, Canyon, and the northern end of Hayden Valley
  • Wheeled traffic may travel the roads at the North Entrance to Mammoth and through to the Northeast Entrance year-round

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Construction Area of Yellowstone's Grand Loop 2014-2016

Yellowstone Grand Loop Road Construction

Yellowstone's Grand Loop Road will have some construction on roads and bridges the summers 2014-2016. The bulk of the construction will be the 16-mile section of the loop between Norris Geyser Basin and the Golden Gate area south of Mammoth Hot Springs.

Heart Spring in Yellowstone in the winter.

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