Yellowstone is #1 Place to View Wildlife in U.S.

Traveler's Digest annual ranking of the Ten Best Places to view wildlife ranked Yellowstone as number one in America.
Grey Wolf

Traveler's Digest annual ranking of the Ten Best Places to view wildlife ranked Yellowstone as number one in America. The magazine reasoned that despite sitting on top of a super volcano, the park's 67 types of wild animals were flourishing.

"Elk, bison, grizzly and black bears, coyotes, wolverines, mountain lions and the bald eagle snap visitors to attention, realizing that the heavenly park is definitively ruled by the animal kingdom. Most controversially, gray wolves were reintroduced to the park in 1995 after a nearly 70-year absence, and it remains a point of contention among locals."

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Bison Cow and Calf at the National Bison Range in Montana.

11 Places to Watch Wildlife Beyond Yellowstone

Catch wildlife-viewing fever in Yellowstone? You can see magnificent animals far beyond the park’s boundaries in Wyoming, Idaho or Montana.

Castle Geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin. Photo by Jeff Vanuga

Yellowstone Top of Seven Natural Wonders of North America

Yellowstone National Park was the most recognized winner, getting both the most votes and the most number one votes.

Yellowstone Wolf

Wyoming's plan to manage Yellowstone wolves still falls short of Interior requirements

The state of Wyoming continues to be the odd man out, regarding how the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to see western states manage Yellowstone wolves within their borders.

Gray Wolf Howling

Yellowstone Wolf Population Increased in 2014

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wyoming wolf population grew by 9 percent in 2014. There are 104 wolves in 11 packs in Yellowstone.

Marbeled Godwit at the Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Montana Wildlife Refuges

21 wildlife refuges call Montana home protecting birds, bison, elk, and moose. Benton Lake is a shorebird site. Red Rock Lakes is 45 mins from the Park.

Bison in Hayden Valley

Yellowstone Wildlife Photos by Jeff Vanuga

Follow these tricks of the trade to make your Yellowstone wildlife photographs look like they were taken by a pro.

Yellowstone elk. Photo by Steven Robertson

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Biking on a mountain road

Cycle Greater Yellowstone Event

Looking for an epic adventure? Check out the First Great Ride in the Last Best Place bicycle tour, a 465-mile ride organized by the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. Held annually in August.


Yellowstone Bison Hunt Takes Record Numbers

So far in 2013 hunters have killed more wild bison migrating from Yellowstone National Park than any year since 1989. Participation by American Indians, who harvest the animals under long-standing treaty rights, helped to drive the numbers skyward.