New Yellowstone Over-Snow Travel Restrictions

Yellowstone Snowmobile Wind River County

A new 10-year plan instigated in 2014 allows non-commercial snowmobiling for the first time, but it also includes more restrictions. Dan Wenk, park superintendent, reported that this was the most protective plan that has ever been proposed for the park with respect to noise and emissions.

Limit to Number of Over-Snow Machines Per Day

The ceiling for in-park snowmobiles or snowcoaches entering from the four entrances (north, west, south, east) is "around" 500 per day.

Commercial Snowmobile Tours

All commercial snowmobiles tours into the park must be guided. These guided trips are limited to 10 snowmobiles per group with a maximum of 2 licensed drivers per machine. All Snowmobiles must be rated as BAT (Best Available Technology) See list of accepted machines at

Private Snowmobile Trips

You can now enter the park on a private, non-commercial snowmobile trip in groups of up to 5 machines. You must obtain a permit from the lottery held in and drivers must pass a free certification test online.

All Snowmobiles must be rated as BAT (Best Available Technology) See list of accepted machines at

Only one group of non-commercial snowmobilers is allowed to enter the park each day from the west, north, east, and south entrances (4 groups total per day.)

Commercial Snowcoach Tours

There is also a limit on the number of snowcoaches that can enter the park, and these machines must also meet BAT standards.

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Yellowstone Poisons Streams

September 25, 2014: In an ongoing effort to rid Yellowstone streams of non-native fish, Yellowstone has purposefully begun poisoning its waterways.

Grizzly bear in Yellowstone

Grizzly bear deaths in Yellowstone

A recent study by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team finds that 10 of the 16 grizzly bears that have died so far this summer in Yellowstone National Park have died of natural causes.