Visit a Native American Reservation

You can visit the Sacajawea Cemetery in the Wind River Reservation and many other reservations throughout Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.
Cheyenne Reservation

Cheyenne Reservation in Lame Deer, Montana

Wyoming’s Wind River Reservation, at 2.2 million acres, is the third-largest in total size of all reservations in the U.S. Home to the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho, the Wind River Reservation is also notable because the U.S. Army Buffalo Soldiers were posted at Fort Washakie, and the guide of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Sacagawea, is allegedly buried there. Her grave and a memorial are located in the Sacagawea Cemetery near Fort Washakie.

It is also the only reservation where the government allowed Native Americans to choose their own land.

The Northern Arapaho arrived after the Eastern Shoshone on a temporary basis, en route to a promised reservation in Idaho. But the new reservation was never established, and the two tribes now jointly administer the large area.

The largest annual event on the reservation is Eastern Shoshone Indian Days, traditionally held the last week of June at Fort Washakie. The event features one of the largest powwows in the region, an all-Indian rodeo, and a reenactment of the signing of the Treaty of 1868.

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The Crow and Northern Cheyenne Reservations in south-central Montana share a common border, but it’s on the Crow Reservation where the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and the Reno-Benteen Battlefield are located, drawing thousands of visitors annually. The sites commemorate the Sioux/Cheyenne victory over the Seventh Cavalry and General George Armstrong Custer.

The Crow Reservation is also home to Chief Plenty Coups State Park and the Montana side of Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. Major events include the Northern Cheyenne Powwow and Rodeo at Lame Deer over Memorial Day weekend, and the Crow Fair Powwow and Rodeo the third week of August at Crow Agency.

Other tribal homes in Montana include the Blackfeet Nation Reservation near Browning; the Fort Belnap Reservation near Harlem, home to the Assiniboine and Gros Ventre tribes; the Fort Peck Reservation, occupied by the Assiniboine and Sioux; the Flathead Reservation, home to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes; and the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, home to the Chippewa-Cree tribe.


Little Bighorn Memorial

Yellowstone Country Is Indian Country

Yellowstone National Park area is full of Indian lore and reservations to explore.

St. Stephens Mission Church

St. Stephens Mission on the Wind River Reservation

In the mid-1800s, the U.S. Peace Policy called for religious men to teach Christianity to native tribes. Visit the still-active St. Stephens Church decorated with Native American art on the Wind River Reservation.

Beaded baby moccasins. Photo courtesy of Wind River Native Gifts

Wind River Native Gifts on the Wind River Indian Reservation

Unique and authentic gifts created on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Buy crafts, beading and fine silversmithing.

Carissa Mine in South Pass City by m01229

Visit an old Mine near Yellowstone

Go underground to uncover Wyoming, Montana and Idaho’s gold and silver rush history with a visit to a historic mine.

Aspen in Shoshone National Forest

Explore a National Forest near Yellowstone

The greater Yellowstone Park region is home to 27 scenic national forests throughout Wyoming, Idaho and Montana including the Wind River Range.

Chief-Washakie, Shoshone Indians

Chief Washakie: Great Leader of the Shoshone people

Chief Washakie earned a reputation that lives on to this day-fierce warrior, skilled politician and diplomat, great leader of the Shoshone people, friend to white men.

Antique wedding photo.

Headless Bride Ghost of Old Faithful Inn

Yellowstone has many ghosts stories, but the most famous tale is that of a headless bride who walks down the stairs from the Crow's Nest in the Old Faithful Inn.

Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse in Wyoming August 21, 2017

Head to the Wyoming towns of Lander, Dubois, Riverton, Shoshoni, Hudson and the Wind River Indian Reservation for the solar eclipse and festivities.

Old Bedlam at Fort Laramie National Historic Site, where bachelor officers lived. Photo by Jim Bowen via Flickr

Historic Sites in the Greater Yellowstone Area

Visit forts, monuments, historic buildings, and battlegrounds of the old west in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Idaho.