Can I Bring My Pet to Yellowstone?

Pets are prohibited throughout most areas in national parks. It’s best to leave Fido at home, but if your dog is along here's how to make the best of it.
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Walking a dog in Yellowstone in front of elk

Yes, with some planning and a lot of restrictions, you can bring your pet on vacation

Since pets are prohibited throughout most areas in national parks, it’s best to leave Fido at home while visiting Yellowstone. But, if your dog is along for the trip, here are some tips on how to make the best of it.

Pets are limited to travel in Yellowstone National Park within your car, at a front country campground or within 100 feet of roads and parking lots. They must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet and owners must clean up and dispose of all pet waste.

Pets are never to be left unattended outside. While you may leave them in vehicles, this is not recommended without proper ventilation and temperature control. They also may join you in a tent overnight, but all food and water dishes must be put away.

Pets are not allowed in any hotels within Yellowstone National Park, but cabins can accommodate pets. There is a $25 cleaning fee per location (not per night) to have your pet stay with you. Check with the park’s lodging concessioner for details — Xanterra Parks & Resorts at 307-344-7901.

Pets are not allowed on boardwalks, trails, or in the backcountry. This can severely limit your experience in the park.

There are dog-friendly trail options located nearby and outside of the national park, including Shoshone National Forest. You can find a map of Shoshone National Forest at

Yellowstone Pet Boarding Near Yellowstone's North Entrance

Yellowstone Pet Boarding

Yellowstone Pet Boarding is conveniently located 40 miles from the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Because dogs are not allowed on trails in the park, Yellowstone Pet Boarding offers you a clean, fun and safe environment to leave your dog while you explore all the wonders of Yellowstone. As parents of four dogs, the owners understand the importance of having peace of mind when leaving your furry family members in the care of others. Rest assured that your dogs will receive lots of love and attention while you’re enjoying the Yellowstone experience. Check out the boarding and day camp options online and book your pet’s stay. 

For more information:
Yellowstone Pet Boarding
1 Caledonia Rd, Livingston, MT 59047

More Pet Boarding North of Yellowstone
Cottonwood Kennels, Gardiner, Mont., (406) 848-2129 or (406) 640-1556

Pet Boarding East of Yellowstone
Cody Country Bed and Biscuit, Cody, Wyo., (307) 587-1073

Pet Boarding South of Yellowstone
Spring Creek Kennels, Jackson, Wyo., (307) 733-1606


Couple smoking and hiking

Can I Smoke in Yellowstone? How about marijuana?

Smoking is permitted only inside vehicles and designated areas. It's forbidden in thermal and natural areas. Boom! As for possessing marijuana, it's illegal on Federal land.

Gun in Yellowstone

Can I Bring a Gun to Yellowstone?

Yes, you can carry a gun in Yellowstone. But it's illegal to fire it - even in self defense. And once you exit Yellowstone, you could be in one of three states.

A woman watching a bison from a safe distance in Yellowstone

How close can I get to wild animals in Yellowstone?

Stay at least 100 yards away from bears and wolves and at least 25 yards away from other large mammals like bison, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, moose and coyotes.

Old Faithful at Sunset

How Can I Avoid the Crowds at Old Faithful?

Every year, Yellowstone draws in nearly three million visitors—most of them eager to see Old Faithful. The busy days of June through September.

Roosevelt Gate: For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People.

Which Entrance to Yellowstone National Park Should I Take?

There are five Yellowstone park entrances in three states, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, allowing easy access to this vast park.

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Are there any Yellowstone regulations I need to know about?

Rules and regulations for Yellowstone visitors including biking, driving, fires, boating, fishing, and viewing wildlife.

Bison on the road near Yellowstone National Park

Do I need a car to tour Yellowstone? How long does it take to drive the Grand Loop?

Cars are the best option for taking a trip around Yellowstone unless you are riding with a bus tour or concessionaire.

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