Take the Yellowstone Pledge

Are you aware of dangers in Yellowstone National Park? A simple walk in the park can be dangerous. Please take the Yellowstone pledge.
Yellowstone visitor watching bison from a safe distance

Yellowstone visitor watching bison from a safe distance

Officials hope to make visitors more aware of Yellowstone’s lurking dangers.

In a concerted effort to keep visitors safe and aware of Yellowstone’s dangers, Yellowstone officials launched the Yellowstone Pledge in May 2017. The pledge is not a formal pledge, but a list of guidelines Yellowstone officials hope will remind people that a walk in the park can be dangerous. Here is the pledge.

Take the pledge. Tell a friend. Protect the park.

The Yellowstone Pledge is a personal promise you can make to yourself and the park. It can be taken anywhere: it doesn't need to be taken out loud or in front of anyone. Tag #YellowstonePledge and encourage others to do the same.

To be a steward and help protect myself and the park, I pledge to:


Gun in Yellowstone

Can I Bring a Gun to Yellowstone?

Yes, you can carry a gun in Yellowstone. But it's illegal to fire it - even in self defense. And once you exit Yellowstone, you could be in one of three states, so it's important to know the law.


Can I Bring My Pet to Yellowstone?

Pets are prohibited throughout most areas in national parks. It’s best to leave Fido at home, but if your dog is along here's how to make the best of it.