Photos of Yellowstone buried in snow by Dave Shumway - My Yellowstone Park

Buried in Snow in Yellowstone by Dave Shumway

Photos of Yellowstone in Winter. A coyote makes his way through deep snow and Hoosier's Bar has piles of snow in front.
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The snow sure can get deep...

A Coyote (Canis latrans) makes his way through deep snow along Pebble Creek in Yellowstone National Park. Captured with a Canon 7D and 400/2.8L IS II in aperture priority mode with an exposure bias of + 4/3 at ISO400, f/4.5, and 1/320 of a second. The camera was resting on a beanbag.

Below is an iPhone snap of snow piling up in front of Hoosier's Bar in Cooke City, Montana.