Greybull's Gems

Explore an ancient ocean shoreline and see World War II-era airplanes in this tiny town of 1,800.
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View of WWII airplanes turned firefighters, and the Bighorn Mountains near Greybull, Wyom.

View of WWII airplanes turned firefighters, and the Bighorn Mountains near Greybull, Wyom.

Back in the day, bootleggers stashed liquor in tunnels they built underneath the heart of Greybull’s downtown, or so the legend goes.

Today, you can visit the Historic Hotel Greybull and see the renovated speakeasy that was ground zero for an illegal liquor operation during Prohibition. Owners Myles Foley and Lori Davis bought the hotel building in 2008. Three years later, they finished renovations that celebrate the hotel’s storied past but include modern amenities. This means free wireless internet when you spend the night and a step back in time when you walk into the original bank vault.

Museum of Flight & Aerial Firefighting in Greybull Wyoming. Courtesy photo

Museum of Flight & Aerial Firefighting in Greybull Wyoming. 

Catch a glimpse of another era of history when you walk among World War II bombers that later became firefighting planes. The planes and exhibits on the history of aerial firefighting are at the Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting behind the WYDOT rest area north of town.

About 10 miles from Greybull, explore an ancient ocean shoreline at the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite. Discovered in 1997, this site is one of the few in the world from the Middle Jurassic period of 160-180 million years ago. Until scientists explored it, many thought the entire Bighorn Basin was covered by an ancient ocean, also known as the Sundance Sea. Tip: go early in the morning to avoid the heat. There are restrooms and a covered picnic area. 

In downtown Greybull, stop into Crazy Woman Trading Post for one of its "famous" Crazy Woman tees, western art, jewelry and home decor. Across from the trading post is the Bighorn Basin Geoscience Center where you can watch videos, touch a fossil and get guided tours of the Red Gulch Dinosaur Site. 

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Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting


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