Top 5 in South Dakota's Hot Springs Mammoth Country

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Evan's Plunge in Hot Springs, S.D.

Evans Plunge. 

If it weren’t for the “wiwila kata,” this valley tucked in the southwestern corner of South Dakota would have just been another dusty clearing at the gateway to the Black Hills. Instead, what the Lakota referred to as the “warm waters” gave rise to a mecca of health and hospitality unrivaled in the Midwest.

The 87-degree waters flowing from a series of springs quickly became a sought after cure-all. In 1890, Fred Evans built his namesake Plunge over a collection of springs, turning Hot Springs into the largest resort east of California and a destination for western travelers. Today, Evans Plunge is still a mecca for rejuvenation and recreation featuring a collection of pools (refreshed with 5,000 gallons of fresh spring water every minute), a steam room, weight room and a number of water slides. You’ll feel the different springs as you swim from one end of the main pool to the other.

The Lakota weren’t the first to take note of the springs, however. Tens of thousands of years earlier, woolly mammoths took advantage of the fresh ponds in the area, enough that more than 61 beasts were eventually trapped and buried, unearthed as fossils in 1974. Visitors can check out the Mammoth Site to see the sinkhole still riddled with mammoth bones, as well as a museum with a full-sized mammoth documenting life in Hot Springs before humans.

Top 6 Things to Do:

1. Mammoth Site

Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski

Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. 

Unearth the prehistoric mysteries at The Mammoth Site.

2. Evans Plunge

Evans Plunge. Photo by Justin Gausman courtesy of Hot Springs, S.D.

Evans Plunge. 

Plunge into warm mineral water at the Black Hills’ oldest attraction, Evans Plunge.

3. Wind Cave National Park

Boxwork on a cave's ceiling at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota

Boxwork on a cave's ceiling at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota

Be amazed by wildlife and rare formations above- and underground at Wind Cave National Park.

4. Fall River Freedom Trail

Waterfall at Long Fall River Freedom Trail.

Waterfall at Long Fall River Freedom Trail

Make a patriotic pilgrimage on the 1-mile long Fall River Freedom Trail and dip your toes at the base of the waterfall.

5. Angostura Recreation Area

Enjoy world-class camping, fishing and boating at this water-lover’s haven.

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