Locals in Laramie

Three enterprising locals share where to go in Laramie on your way from Rocky Mountain National Park to Yellowstone.
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Jennifer Small, Owner of Golden Prairie Bakery

Jennifer Small, Owner of Golden Prairie Bakery in Laramie, Wyo.

Jennifer shows her fresh-baked Challah bread

Realized Her Dream: Opened her bakery in October 2017. “I grew up in a family-owned country inn where my father was an old-school apprentice-trained chef.”

Why She Loves Laramie: The small-town feel and the friendly people

Favorite Bakery Item: “Probably my Chocolate Rum Pecan Pie, but people are crazy about the bear claws, cinnamon rolls, carrot cake and sourdough breads.”

Favorite Thing to Do in Laramie: “We have seen some great shows at the Gryphon Theatre. It is a very beautiful, small venue.” Less than 1 mile from downtown, the theater is on the north side of the Historic Laramie Plains Civic Center.

Recommends: The Snowy Range to see Medicine Bow Peak, a 12,014-foot peak

Essential Information: Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. “You may stop by during the week while we are producing. We always have items available.”

How to Get There: The bakery is located off Hwy. 130. Two miles west of the airport, turn on Herrick Lane and take the first dirt road on your right [BWJ Road]. Drive .3 miles until you reach the little red building in the cow pasture.

Kari Kilmer, Manager of Vee Bar Guest Ranch

Kari Kilmer, Manager of Vee Bar Guest Ranch in Laramie, Wyo.

Kari Kilmer driving her team

Realized Her Dream: As the oldest granddaughter of co-owner Lefty Cole, Kari started working as a wrangler at Vee Bar at age 14. She continued working there in the summer through college as she fell in love with Brent Kilmer whom she met in college. The two have managed Vee Bar since 2006.

Why She Loves Laramie: The sports and cultural opportunities offered through University of Wyoming, plus the mountains, western culture and heritage.

Favorite Thing to Do at the Ranch: “I am very happy to be raising my kids at the ranch. We go riding, walking, bike riding and more as a family. We also work together. Our kids come to work with us all the time.”

Recommends: Sporting events at the University of Wyoming

Best aspect of Vee Bar Ranch: “Vee Bar touches our guests in the most unexpected ways, whether it is overcoming a fear of riding, spending time together as a family or providing the right dose of adventure and relaxation.”

Essential Information: The guest packages are 6-nights, Sunday through Saturday. There are three-night packages available, as well.

Rebecca Walsh, Owner of Basecamp outdoor store

Rebecca Walsh, Owner of Basecamp outdoor store in Laramie, Wyo.

Rebecca Walsh 

Realized Her Dream: Opened Basecamp, an outdoor store in May 2018. “We do more than just sell clothing and gear. It's a place where we have workshops and clinics and start adventures. My ultimate goal is to help people get outdoors and explore.”

Why She Loves Laramie: Within a short drive from town, you can hike through the prairie, the forest or through a high alpine meadow.

Favorite hiking areas close to Laramie: Happy Jack/Tie City trail network and Vedauwoo

Recommends: Vedauwoo for a picnic and a hike amongst its gigantic boulder formations and the Snowy Range Scenic Byway to hike to the top of Medicine Bow Peak

Most Rewarding Aspect of her work: "I love people. I always feel good when someone who might be intimidated by the thought of going backpacking or cross-country skiing for the first time wanders in the store looking for advice and encouragement."

What people can rent in the summer: All things related to camping from tents to water filters, backpacks and sleeping pads. You also can rent stand-up paddle boards.

How to Get There: Basecamp is located at 222 S. 2nd St. in Laramie.

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Learn more at the Laramie Area Visitor Center/Albany County Tourism Board, 210 E. Custer St., in Laramie or at VisitLaramie.org.