Logan and Cache Valley are Utah's Time Machine

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Blacksmith at the American West Heritage Center. Photo by Mike Bullock courtesy of Cache Valley

Blacksmith at the American West Heritage Center. 

Step back into the pioneer days at the American West Heritage Center.

Passing through Utah’s Cache Valley during the mid-to-late 1800s, you would have been greeted by a collection of cowboys, farmers, pioneers and mountain men. Today, that piece of Utah history is generally gone, unless you stop by the Cache Valley’s American West Heritage Center.

This 160-acre center at the foot of the Wellsville Mountains will send you back in time better than most and give you a better sense of the valley’s culture than anywhere. The center’s Mountain Man Camp, mock-pioneer settlements and a working farm straight from 1917, all come complete with interpreters in period clothing, offering the real American West experience.

Visitors can throw tomahawks or learn to set traps and identify furs with the mountain men; make rag dolls or compete in a two-man log-sawing contest on the pioneer site; learn to spin wool, weave rugs, milk a cow or just enjoy the mountain air on a wagon ride.

The Welcome Center features a number of exhibits on local history, plus staff can take visitors out to the center’s bison enclosure for an up-close look at the animals. But the full pioneer experience comes from spending nights in their comfortable outdoor group camping area or picking up a handcart for a multi-day journey over the prairies just like the pioneers of old. There’s no better way to learn about them than to follow in their footsteps — literally!

On Stage

Theater production of "Hot to Succeed at Business" at the Utah Festival. Photo courtesy of Cache Valley

Theater production of "Hot to Succeed at Business" at the Utah Festival. 

Every summer, Cache Valley becomes Utah’s “Heart of the Arts,” featuring two live-performance theaters with great shows. In Logan, professionals from the Metropolitan Opera and Broadway perform opera and musicals as part of the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre at the 94-year-old Ellen Eccles Theatre. At the Caine Lyric Theatre, performers star in plays from a wide range of genres.

Every weekday during the summer, Noon Music at the Tabernacle hosts a free concert guaranteed to cover the tastes of any visitors, ranging from flutes to banjo to barbershop quartets.

For more information:

Cache Valley Visitors Bureau
(800) 882-4433
199 N Main St, Logan, UT

American West Heritage Center
(435) 245-6050
4025 S. Hwy 89-91 Wellsville, UT 84339