Of Mountains and Men in Riverton, Wyoming

Visit the Wind River Heritage Center to learn the story of one of the greatest mountain men who made a living trapping. See a re-enactment in July.
Reenactment of Old West fur trappers

Reenactment of Old West fur trappers

Discover the Old West and Native American culture in Riverton, Wyo.

When you visit the Wind River Heritage Center, you’ll discover that among the greatest mountain men who made a living trapping, there was one who fell into a wrinkle of time.

Born 77 years after the 1838 Rendezvous in Riverton (a gathering of fur trappers), longtime local Jake Korell lived the rugged life of a mountain man for 92 years. He began by trapping muskrats at age 7, moving on to bigger game as he grew. In 2013, when he was 98, he trapped 100 coyotes, four bobcats, 8-10 badgers and 10-12 racoons. In fact he died in his fur shop, as he prepared to check his traps. His truck was left running.

“Jake was a trapper, and he imagined himself a bit like Jim Bridger,” says longtime Riverton local and Riverton Chamber of Commerce director, Jim Davis. “He was quite a storyteller. He’d talk your arm off.”

When the legendary mountain man died, an estimated 400 people attended his funeral. See Korell’s 60-plus life-sized mounts of area big-game animals, Korell’s collection of historic traps, as well as a wax museum of historic figures, Native American art and historical farming equipment at the Wind River Heritage Center.

1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous

The Riverton Rendezvous is the only rendezvous re-enactment located on the actual true historic site. Walk in the same footsteps of great trappers and traders from the past. Learn more about Mountain Man Rendezvous.

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