Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls

Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls
Museum of Idaho in Idaho FallsCourtesy of the Museum of Idaho

Discover more about the people, history and animals of Idaho in Idaho Falls. The Museum of Idaho  is the intermountain West’s premier museum in providing nationally and internationally acclaimed exhibits to the surrounding areas. Showcasing both traveling and permanent exhibits, the museum is dedicated to preserving and educating the public in the sciences, the humanities, and the natural and cultural history.

In Eagle Rock, USA, peer into a one-room schoolhouse and shops as they appeared in the late 19th century when Eagle Rock (now Idaho Falls) was a dusty frontier town. The exhibit also covers the region’s native inhabitants, explorers like Lewis and Clark and characters like Dugout Dick, who made and lived in cave homes on public land from 1948- 2010.

Archimedes: Science and Innovations

Jan. 25, 2019 – Sept. 26, 2019

Gallery in the Archimedes: Science and Innovations exhibit at the Museum of Idaho
Gallery in the Archimedes: Science and Innovations exhibitCourtesy Museum of Idaho

The Museum of Idaho’s (MOI) newest traveling exhibit, Archimedes: Science and Innovations, opened Friday, Jan. 25, 2019. The interactive exhibit with more than 60 items celebrates the work and legacy of Archimedes, a Greek mathematician whose inventions revolutionized the ancient world.

“It is fascinating for me to look around and see contemporary applications of these ancient technologies,” says Museum of Idaho  director of Exhibitions Rod Hansen. “Archimedes was a true renaissance man, 1500 years before the Renaissance.”

Archimedes (287 – 211 BCE) was an inventor and mathematician from Syracuse, a city-state on the island of Sicily. But he’s well known among engineers, who teach and use the principles he developed. He was the most prominent thinker of the Hellenistic era, which combined Greek, Egyptian, and Babylonian knowledge to produce major scientific advancements. He developed geometric formulas and many of the basic building blocks of machinery. He also devised machines to defend Syracuse from attackers. 

A young visitor experiments with one of Archimedes's creations at the Museum of Idaho
A young visitor experiments with one of Archimedes’s creationsCourtesy Artisans of Florence International/Museum of Idaho

The exhibit challenges visitors to experiment with the ancient technology, including models of machines that could measure time, capsize and burn enemy ships and assist in the building of massive pyramids. Others harnessed renewable resources, such as gravity, wind, water and light to produce energy and solve practical problems.

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