Attend an Old West Gun Fight

The Irma Hotel hosts free gunfights performed by the Cody Gunfighters. A shootout is also held in the town square of Jackson, Wyom. on summer afternoons.

The Gunfighters in Cody, Wyoming

Shootout in front of the Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming. Photo by Jeff Vanuga

A non-profit group performs on the streets of Cody, Wyoming next to the famous Historic Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming. (Buffalo Bill Cody built the hotel in 1902, and named it after his youngest daughter.)

The play has such characters as Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, Ike Clanton, Mad Dog Harry Tracy, Emmett Dalton, Lucky Bill, Doc Payne, Laddy Da, Crazy Cora, Miss Cassie, Fred White and Teton Jackson. These characters represented the Wild West. All re-enactors created their own authentic costumes.

The players are primarily volunteer and dedicate many hours in preparation for the season as well as make a commitment 6 nights a week from June – Sept. Known well as one of the best shows in the Wild Wild West, you can not afford to miss this yearly event.

After the gunfight, you can enjoy the Irma’s famous Prime Rib Buffet, served nightly starting at 5 p.m. Save room for the bread pudding with whiskey sauce.

Gunfighter Shootout in Jackson, Wyoming Town Square

Jackson Shootout in front of an Antler Arch. Photo courtesy of Jackson Chamber of Commerce
Jackson Shootout in front of an Antler Arch. Photo courtesy of Jackson Chamber of Commerce

The town of Jackson, Wyoming also holds a daily shootout in the town square on summer afternoons. Monday-Saturday at 6:00pm on Town Square from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Free to the public. No reservations necessary.

The Jackson Hole Shootout has been a Wyoming tradition since 1957. The fun begins at 6:15pm every summer evening, except Sundays –there’s no shootin’ on Sundays! Spectators begin gathering on the northeast corner of Jackson’s Town Square beginning at about 5:30pm and enjoy ice cream and other refreshments available at businesses around the Square. The Shootout is the longest, continuously running gunfight in the United States and it is estimated that more than 4 million people have witnessed the Shootout through the years.