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Flying Pig Adventure Company at Yellowstone's North Entrance

Guided adventures like whitewater rafting, horseback riding, fly fishing and park tours. Try our 5-day adventure package.
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Family rafting near Gardiner, Montana. Courtesy photo

Family rafting near Gardiner, Montana

Experience the Yellowstone area by raft and bike with Flying Pig Adventure Co.

If you want a Yellowstone experience that goes beyond viewing the incredible landscapes and wildlife through your windshield, check out Flying Pig Adventure Co.

“When people come to Yellowstone National Park, they want to interact and engage with the landscape, and they don’t always know how to do it since it’s a wild place,” says Sandy Bierle, owner of the Flying Pig Adventure Co. “We make this place accessible to people off the beaten path, and it enriches their whole perspective on the park.”

A great way to experience the area is via raft on the Yellowstone River. With Flying Pig, you can literally walk to the river from the company’s headquarters. The Yellowstone is not a class V river, Bierle says, so while there are fun rapids, a big part of your rafting experience is being on the river, seeing the rolling landscape and viewing wildlife.

For avid bikers, Bierle and her team offer guided mountain biking tours or just mountain bike rentals, if you’d rather do the guiding yourself.

Local Lowdown: Sandy and Steve Bierle, owners of Flying Pig Adventure Company

By Dina Mishev

Sandy and Steve Bierle, both wildlife biologists, went to college in Missoula and “fell in love with Montana,” Sandy says. But after graduation, they couldn’t find year-round jobs in the state. “With wildlife degrees, the work is often seasonal,” Sandy says. The couple ended up in South Dakota and “throughout our time there we were gunning to get back to Montana,” says Sandy, who’s originally from the Midwest. Thanks to family connections, they learned the Faerbers who had founded Flying Pig Adventure Company in Gardiner were looking to sell their business, so the Bierles bought it in 2011. Steve died in 2015 and Sandy now runs the business herself, with the help of the Gardiner community, “the best staff in the world,” and her three tween/teenage sons.

Q: Was buying the business and moving to Gardiner a difficult choice?”

Sandy Bierle: Since we had three boys, we wanted to make sure it was a good fit. Gardiner is a bit unusual. When we came out for a visit though, one night we were sitting in the Boiling River, the full moon was coming up and it just all came together. We knew we wanted this epic for our kids.

Q: Did you think about selling the business and leaving after Steve’s death?

SB: Never. I was like 100 percent “no.” The town of Gardiner—it’s quirky and full of characters and it’s not always pleasant, but it’s full of the best people. I didn’t want to be anywhere else. It was after Steve died that I decided to put down roots and get a home here. I built a house on the river with my architect brother.

Q: Were you a big rafting person before you bought the business?

SB: Being a marine biologist, I was always in love with the water. I wasn’t a skilled technician in terms of whitewater rafting, but we loved it. Steve added the guided fishing.

Q: What about your boys?

SB: They’re sort of river rats. They spend all their days on the water.

Q: Do they work at Flying Pig?

SB: The shop becomes our home base in the summer. We’re there all the time with our extended family—the guides and staff. I work with all of these kids in their twenties and they’ve just been a lifeline to me. When Steve died, so many came back because they wanted to contribute. I hire people with different backgrounds and this gives my kids exposure to people from all over the world who share a common passion.

Q: Is rafting the Yellowstone River scary?

SB: The main trip we do is not really extreme in terms of rapids; it works very well for families and people who want to get a little wet but don’t want the adrenaline rush of big water. We do a longer trip once a day—or as an overnight—that goes through Yankee Jim Canyon and that section has some higher waves—some upper Class III and once in a while low IV rapids. It’s a little more exciting and more intense.

Dina Mishev is a freelance writer based in Jackson, Wyo., and wrote the book On the Road Yellowstone to be published January 2018.

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