Geysers and Hot Springs

No one back home is going to believe the wild and wonderful geologic features of Yellowstone Country. Get ready for geysers that shoot high in the air, crusty, hot springs in wild colors, and bubbling pots of mud in this geological wonderland. In fact, 60% of the world's geysers and hot springs are inside Yellowstone National Park.

Emerald Spring in the Norris Back Geyser Basin. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski

Extreme Geysers in Yellowstone's Norris Back Basin

At the Norris Back Geyser Basin, you'll see a land of extremes... the tallest, but infrequent geyser, geysers that erupt continuously, springs that have been damaged by man, new geysers, old geysers, and exploding geysers.

Castle Geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin. Photo by Jeff Vanuga

Geyser Gazers Perform Vital Service for Science

There is no cure, but treatment can consist of regular visits to geysers, or becoming a member of the Geyser Observation and Study Association (GOSA), a citizen-science group of 300 members.

Aerial view of Upper Geyser Basin. Photo by NPS Jim Peaco

Researchers Take Calculated Risks Around Hazards

Tourists are most likely to get burned in Yellowstone's thermal areas when they stray off marked trails and boardwalks. But Yellowstone's geologists and other scientists also try to stay acutely alert to the dangers that lurk in the geysers, hot springs, and steam vents.

Steamboat Geyser in Norris Geyser Basin

See the World’s Tallest Geyser...If You’re Lucky

Old Faithful’s predictability is the exception; most geysers give little warning when they’re about to blow. The result, of course, is a surprise steam-and-water show. And in the case of Steamboat Geyser, there’s no other show like it Earth.

A woman viewing Morning Glory Pool from the boardwalk

Things Stuffed Down Yellowstone's Geysers

From laundry to couches, soap to horseshoes, Old Faithful and neighboring Yellowstone geysers and hot springs have been a receptacle for more than just water since the park's inception. The latest has been a drone that dived into the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring

Imaging of Morning Glory Pool comparing heat affecting color change. (Photo : Nugent, Shaw, and Vollmer)

Vandals Change Color of Geysers

New study reports that as a result of coins, trash, and rocks thrown into the pool over time, the pool's temperature is cooler altering the color

Test tube geyser from YouTube video

Why Do Geysers Erupt?

Watch a video showing a test tube "geyser" with clear looping chambers underneath. It slowly bubbles until the pressure is reached, creating a blast.

Steamboat Geyser in Norris Geyser Basin

Yellowstone Geyser Trivia

Steamboat Geyser in Norris Geyser Basin. No one can predict when it's going to erupt, as it works on an odd schdeule, ranging from four days to fifty years.