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This is Yellowstone: Giantess Geyser

An infrequent, but violent Yellowstone geyser recently erupted after its longest period of known dormancy.

North of the prolific Old Faithful, and across the Firehole River, sits the geyser know as Giantess. You’ve probably never heard of the Giantess because for the last 2 years and 139 days – until January 29, 2014 that is – the geyser was dormant. So imagine the National Park Service’s surprise when on the 29th this very large and very noisy geyser erupted and stayed active for over 40 hours. Geyser enthusiasts* crowded online to watch the Old Faithful webcams of the eruptions. The first hour and half of eruptions are viewable below:

This was the longest period of dormancy for the Giantess which normally erupts two to six times a year. The Giantess is a volatile and well connected geyser and its eruptions usually set off nearby geysers on the aptly named “Geyser Hill”, also north of Old Faithful.


Click here for a great interactive geyser map from the National Park Service.

*Did you know you can sign up to receives text messages of Yellowstone geyser activity? This is what the Giantess alert looked like, “Giantess Geyser 14:55 ie.”with “ie” standing for in eruption.

For more info on the Giantess Geyser: