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Wildland Trekking Guided Hiking Vacations

Go on an unforgettable hiking vacation with Wildland Trekking. It has a tour that fits nearly anyone needs who loves to hike in world-renowned, breathtaking landscapes including Yellowstone, the Teton Territory, Jackson Hole area and the Wind River Mountain Range. Choose from day hiking trips to backpacking trips. You’ll enjoy not having to worry about where to hike or what to do, plus Wildland Trekking is known for its great picnic lunches along the trails.

  • Backpacking Trips: Get ready to really get off the beaten path and experience solitude, wildness and adventure. Try the stock/porter supported trips for a backcountry experience without a heavy pack.
  • Basecamp Trips: These vacations are perfect for people seeking an outdoor experience but with showers and comfortable amenities.
  • Inn-based Trips: These fantastic stays cater to guests interested in staying at lodges or cabins while going on great hikes. Check out the three-day Yellowstone Hiking Experience that brings you to plunging waterfalls and gorgeous meadows. Or sign up for the five-day Best of Yellowstone Tour on which you’ll do five amazing hikes and enjoy the luxuries of a lodge and rustic dining each evening.
  • Winter Snowshoeing and Cross-country Skiing Trips: Get out and explore the parks when the crowds are long gone. Winter is a magical time to experience Yellowstone National Park’s beauty without having to share it with the crowds. Read Wildland Trekking guide Ron Bubb’s tips on winter in Yellowstone. 
  • Day Hikes: Spend a day with Wildland Trekking, exploring the park by trail. With Wildland Trekking, you can just enjoy being out without worrying about route-finding or your trail meals. 

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