Heartbreak at Heart Mountain, WWII Japanese Relocation Center

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Heart Mountain WWII Japanese Relocation Center

Incarcerees travel between housing barracks with Heart Mountain on the horizon.

When President Franklin Roosevelt ordered all people with Japanese ancestry to be removed from the West Coast during World War II, more than 14,000 Japanese Americans ended up behind barbed wire at Heart Mountain Relocation Center.

The first incarcerees arrived via train on Aug. 12, 1942. The last left the center in November 1945.

Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

Heart Mountain Relocation Center

Restored Barracks

Today, you can stop by the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center to learn more about the Japanese and Japanese-Americans who lived there. There's a museum, gallery and theater. Then head outdoors to the walking trail to see a war memorial and original camp structures.

Summer hours between May 15-Oct. 1 are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Heart Mountain Foundation
(307) 754-8000
Located 15 minutes east of Cody on Highway 14A between Cody and Powell, Wyoming.
Heart Mountain, WY