2020 Hotel-Based National Park Hiking Trips - My Yellowstone Park

2020 Hotel-Based National Park Hiking Trips

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Day hikers on a trail through arrowleaf balsamroot flowers in Yellowstone.

Day hikers on a trail through arrowleaf balsamroot flowers in Yellowstone.

Join us to explore Bryce and Zion’s breathtaking trails, the uncrowded side of Yellowstone and a women-only adventure full of camaraderie to Grand Canyon National Park and nearby Sedona, a place of extraordinary beauty and spiritual allure.

National Park Trips and Wildland Trekking have partnered to offer three incredible hiking trips to four of the West’s most breathtaking national parks in 2020. Each trip offers a unique hotel-based experience with fantastic meals, natural and cultural history and expert guides to make for an unforgettable vacation.

  • Best of Yellowstone - August
  • Women’s Exclusive Grand Canyon and Sedona - September
  • Zion and Bryce - October

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Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in Autumn

Wildland Trekking Guided Hiking Vacations

Go on an unforgettable hiking vacation. Wildland Trekking has a tour that fits nearly anyone who loves to hike in world-renowned, breathtaking landscapes

Petrified trees

Hike Yellowstone National Park's Fossil Forest

See what the climate was like in Yellowstone Country 50 million years ago and view the fascinating petrified trees in Yellowstone's world-class fossil forests.

A hiker headed up Avalanche Peak Trail in Yellowstone

Which Yellowstone Trail Should I Hike?

Do you want to see lakes, waterfalls, thermal features, or peaks? Find your perfect day hike with our personalized guide.

Boats on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

Seattle to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks Road Trip

Hot springs, high peaks and Montana’s wide open spaces dominate this 2,114-mile tour from Seattle to Glacier and Yellowstone national parks and back.

Yellowstone National Park - Milky Way over erupting Old Faithful

2020 National Park Photography Workshops

National Park Trips Media and Tamron have teamed up to offer Photo Workshops inside your favorite national parks.

Bunsen Peak Trail in Yellowstone

Hike Yellowstone National Park's Bunsen Peak Trail

See evidence of Yellowstone's 1988 fires on a hike that starts and ends just south of Rustic Falls near Mammoth. Excerpted from Tom Carter's Day Hiking Yellowstone Park.

Scenic Cruiser on Yellowstone Lake. Photo by NPS

Fun on the Water in Yellowstone National Park

Leave dry land behind to explore the rivers and lakes of Yellowstone. Go paddling, fishing, boating, or take a boat cruise tour in the national park.

Outdoor guide Ron Bubb

A Guide's Insight to Yellowstone National Park

A Wildland Trekking outdoor guide gives the inside scoop of why winter is the best time to visit Yellowstone.

Snowmobiles and Snowcoaches passing bison on the road in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Winter Tours on Snowcoach, Snowmobiles, Skis, Snowshoes and Sleds

Let a winter concessionaire show you around Yellowstone. Knowledgeable local guides will make the day a memorable one.