Yellowstone Junior Ranger Programs for Kids

Junior Ranger Program, Young Scientist Program, and Ranger-Led Activities for Children 4-13 years old. Get your activity booklet at Visitor Centers.
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Yellowstone Junior Ranger displaying his badge

A new Yellowstone Junior Ranger showing off the badge he just earned

Your children age 4 and older will love a trip to Yellowstone National Park just as much as you do—if you plan it right. There are Junior Ranger programs for three age groups plus a winter program, each with their own badge. Here are a few kid-specific activities designed just for them!

Junior Ranger Program for Ages 4-7, 8-12 and 13+

Kids and those young-at-heart love waving their badge of honor proving they’re one of Yellowstone’s finest rangers. Pay the small fee at either the Mammoth or Old Faithful visitor center to obtain the activity booklet (or buy it online in advance - see link below), and enjoy checking things off the list as your family makes its way through Yellowstone. Designed for kids between 5 and 12 years old, activities required to get the patch include attending a ranger talk and going on a hike. A winter activity booklet is specially designed for the colder months.

Young Scientist Program for Children Ages 5-13+

Calling all future Einsteins. For a small fee, youngsters ages 5 to 13+ can complete a series of activities to earn a badge (5-13) or key chain (14+.) Packets for kids 5-9 years old are available at the Old Faithful Visitor Center; 10-13 year-olds must complete two explorations, one found at the Old Faithful Visitor Center, the other at the Canyon Visitor Education Center.

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