Backpack Yellowstone with a Llama

We’ve got some advice for all you backpackers and other backcountry enthusiasts: let a llama carry your load.
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Hiking with a Llama. Photo by Jeff Vanuga

We’ve got some advice for all you backpackers and other backcountry enthusiasts: Let a llama carry your load.

Llamas are low-maintenance animals that can carry a lot of weight. Outdoorsy folks who love camping in the backcountry, climbing peaks, fishing, or just exploring the endless trails of this region should consider taking a llama-outfitted trip or renting llamas.

You’ll love llamas for their charm. And they’re easy to please. Unlike horses, llamas will eat just about anything. When you reach camp and want to go bag a peak or hike to a distant lake, simply tie your llamas in a place away from trails and water, where there’s a lot to eat, and take off to explore.

Llamas can generally carry 65-70 pounds each, depending on the particular outfitter’s rules. There are several llama outfitting companies throughout greater Yellowstone.

One of our favorites is Lander Llama Company, in Lander, Wyoming, which offers wonderful guides and awesome llamas.


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