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View a Waterfall in Yellowstone

Waterfalls in the Yellowstone Park area are abundant. There are close to 300 Yellowstone waterfalls.

Yellowstone’s geysers are known around the world, but the park’s nearly 300 waterfalls may be its most underrated attraction. This is good news for visitors who would like to view some of these impressive cascades in relative solitude.

Upper and Lower Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Photo: Depositphotos

Yellowstone Park’s Upper and Lower Falls in northeast Yellowstone are stunning, and can be seen starting at about 1.5 miles from Canyon Village.

Located in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lower Falls plunges 308 feet into the Yellowstone River. In some places, the walls of the canyon are 1,200 feet tall. Upper Falls, just upstream of Lower Falls, cascades 109 feet into the canyon. There are numerous vantage points for both waterfalls. Look for the signs.

The Lower Falls can be viewed from Artist’s Point which is handicap accessible.

Fairy Falls

Yellowstone's Fairy Falls. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski
Fairy Falls

To see Fairy Falls requires a hike. Start at the trailhead near Midway Geyser Basin in southwest Yellowstone. Your effort will be rewarded with an uncrowded resting spot directly under the falls.

Yellowstone Waterfalls with Easy Access

Other scenic waterfalls to enjoy— with little effort required— include (northeast) Tower Falls, (southwest) Lewis Falls, (northwest) Undine Falls, Virginia Cascades, and Gibbon Falls.

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Tower Fall. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski
Tower Falls
Yellowstone's Lewis Falls. Photo by Jeff Vanuga
Lewis Falls. Photo by Jeff Vanuga
Lower Undine Falls in Yellowstone. Photo by Leslie Bailey III
Lower Undine Falls. Photo by Leslie Bailey III
Gibbon Falls in Yellowstone
Gibbon FallsPublic Domain