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Whitewater rafting is a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends in the great outdoors near Yellowstone. Raft the longest free-flowing river in America, the Yellowstone River, or take a tour through Yellowstone on horseback.


Rafting at Yellowstone’s North Gate

The Yellowstone River’sĀ rolling rapids are Class II and IIIs, perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced rafters.

You will meet with your Paradise Adventure Company guide at check-in where she or he will get you geared up and ready to head to the river. Your guide will give your group a safety speech, and then you will board your raft. Each raft has its own guide and a Paradise photographer will take photos of you as you splash through the rapids.

Trips leaving from Gardiner, Mont., include:

  • 8-mile whitewater rafting
  • 18-mile whitewater rafting
  • Raft and Ride (rafting combined with a horseback riding excursion)

Yellowstone by Horseback

Horseback riding through Yellowstone.
Horseback riding through Yellowstone with Paradise Adventure CompanyOndrus courtesy of Paradise Adventure Company

You can also reserve a spot on a horseback riding excursion through Montana’s backcountry. It’s a great way to explore. Choose from a full-day, half-day, two-hourĀ  or one-hour trail ride. You can also do a one-hour ride followed by a cowboy cook-out. Saddle up on your gentle steed and head off into the Montana mountains, crossing streams and breathing fresh mountain air.

Experience the Old West and take home cherished memories of Montana.

For more information:
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