Idaho's International Summerfest

Every summer, more than 300 performers from around the world descend on Rexburg and nearby Burley.
Idaho International Summerfest

The “Youngest Community in the Nation” (as declared by the 2010 Census), Rexburg will make that youth come alive in summer—at the Idaho International SummerFest.

Every summer, more than 300 performers from around the world descend on Rexburg and nearby Burley. Dancers and musicians perform in various venues, from the Gala Ceremonies to the Street Parade, Street Festival, youth culture classes, performances, and other events. There’s always dancing and singing in the streets, and new friendships and bonds created that have been known to last for decades.











In the past, performers have come from countries all over the globe, including China, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Senegal, Japan, and Israel, as well as all over the U.S., North America, and South America.

Along with the traditional folk dance and music from around the world, Idaho SummerFest will showcase performers of all kinds and types. Kick back and listen to the cool Pacific tunes, or get your groove on with some of the best urban hip-hop events, held every day throughout the week. You will dance the hula with Hawaiians, learn how to make baskets with native New Zealanders, or even play the ukulele.

5k Run

SummerFest also includes athletic activities. You can get a running start on the week’s festivities with our Color In Motion 5K Run on Saturday.

For more information:
Idaho International SummerFest is presented by the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce
(208) 356-5700
(800) 634-3246


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