Tips for Biking in Yellowstone

Biking in Yellowstone National Park makes for an incredible way to see the park from a different viewpoint.

Biking in Yellowstone National Park makes for an incredible way to see the park from a different viewpoint (and get a great workout in!). We recommend biking in the less busy spring season, but even during lighter traffic weeks when the roads are still closed to the public, be aware of your surroundings. Park administrative vehicles will be using the roads, often driving heavy machinery construction vehicles and taking advantage of the time with fewer tourists.

General Safety Tips

Remember that cell phone service is spotty

Wear a helmet

Wear bright clothing easily visible to traffic around you

Carry an extra tube and a pump in case you get a flat tire, as well as other portable bike repair tools

Be aware that emergency medical service can be delayed because park rangers do not regularly patrol spring biking roads

Use front- and back-lights when riding before sunrise or after sunset

Avoid traveling at night

Weather can change quickly and unpredictably; bring extra clothing

Road safety tips

Obey the rules of the road

Be ready to encounter snow and ice on the roads occasionally

Ride on the right side of the road (you should be riding with traffic, not against it)

Ride single-file

Some sections have little or no shoulder

Wildlife Safety Tips

Wildlife have the right of way; do not approach, chase, taunt, etc.

Modify your riding route if bison are on the road; do not cause them to run

Remain 25 yards away from all wildlife; stay 100 yards away from bears

Bring bear spray

Ride Suggestions

West Yellowstone to Madison Junction: 14 miles (28 miles round trip) of mostly level terrain. Elk, bison and waterfowl often hang out in this area.

The end of Fountain Flat Drive to the Midway Geyser Basin: 1.6-miles (3.2 miles round trip) of gravel terrain. Open only to bikers and hikers. The route passes Goose Lake and Grand Prismatic Spring



Ride a Bike in Yellowstone Country

The Yellowstone Park region is full of mountain ranges, public lands and biking trails for the mountain biking enthusiast. Trail information at bike shops in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

Biking on a mountain road

Cycle Greater Yellowstone Event

Looking for an epic adventure? Check out the First Great Ride in the Last Best Place bicycle tour, a 465-mile ride organized by the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. Held annually in August.