Yellowstone Winter Tours on Snowcoach, Snowmobiles, Skis and Snowshoes

Let a winter concessionaire show you around Yellowstone. Knowledgeable local guides will make the day a memorable one.
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Snowmobiles and snowcoaches passing bison on the road in Yellowstone

Snowmobiles and snowcoaches passing bison on the road in Yellowstone

It is absolutely gorgeous in Yellowstone in the wintertime. Most roads inside Yellowstone are closed to personal vehicles, so you can relax and let a winter guide show you around via snowmobile, snowcoach or even skis and snowshoes. Knowledgeable local guides will make the day a memorable one for your family.

Snowcoach and Snowmobile Tours

West Entrance

The West Entrance of Yellowstone National Park is located in West Yellowstone, Mont., and it's known as the "Snowmobiling Capital of the World" when the snowflakes start to fall. There are more than 400 groomed trails accessible from town. 

During winter, the West Entrance of the park is closed to vehicular traffic, but you can snowmobile into the park, as long as you are part of a guided expedition or have your own permit. You can apply for a permit in August through a park lottery system at or 877-444-6777. Otherwise, go with a guide based in West Yellowstone. 

 Here are some of the businesses in West Yellowstone that provide snowmobiling guided tours and private snowcoach tours into the park. 

Yellowstone Snowcoach Tours of West Yellowstone

Backcountry Adventures

Buffalo Bus Touring Company

Targhee Snowmobile Tours (Snowmobile only)

Two Top Yellowstone Winter Tours (Snowmobile only)

South Entrance

The South Entrance of Yellowstone backs up into Grand Teton National Park. But the nearest town is Jackson, Wyo., 64 miles south of the entrance. This entrance is closed to the public during winter. But you can go into the park with authorized concessionaires from this entrance via snowmobiles or snowcoach. Here are some companies that operate out of Jackson to consider. 

Scenic Safaris

Teton Science Schools (Snowcoach only)

Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours (Snowmobile only)

North Entrance 

The North Entrance is the only entrance to Yellowstone National Park that is open to the public all year long. In fact, it's the only entrance you can use in the winter to drive into the park. 

The North Entrance sits in Gardiner, Mont., a small but vibrant town that's a little sleepy in the winter. Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins sits in the park down the road from downtown Gardiner and offers accommodations during the winter, fall and summer. 

You can drive from Gardiner to Cooke City in the winter, as well as to the Roosevelt Lodge area. If you park near the stables on the road here, you can snowshoe or cross-country ski to Tower Falls. 

To ride a snowcoach deep into the park for a tour or to get to the Snow Lodge in the Old Faithful area, reach out to Yellowstone National Park Lodges, the authorized concessionaire for this entrance. 

Yellowstone National Park Lodges (Snowcoach only)

Ski and Snowshoe Tours

Get out and explore Yellowstone's magical landscape in the winter with people who know the park's best sights. Here are four companies and organizations to consider. 

Yellowstone National Park Lodges

Teton Science Schools

Wildland Trekking

Yellowstone Forever Institute

Sled Dog Tours Near Yellowstone

Experience the snow from a dog's perspective when you go dog sledding in the Yellowstone area. There are two dog sled companies to consider for your next adventure, both of which are relatively near West Yellowstone. 

Spirit of the North Sled Dog Adventures in Big Sky, Mont.:

Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures near Big Sky, Mont.,

Wolf Watching in Wintertime

Wolf from the Canyon pack next to road near Norris taken from snowcoach through the glass window

Wolf from the Canyon pack next to road near Norris taken from snowcoach through the glass window

Longing to see Yellowstone’s most elusive major predator, the wolf? There’s no better time to get a glimpse of these beautiful animals than in winter, when their dark coats stand out against the white snow. Go on a wolf-watching tour for the best chance to spot one.

Only have one day? Opt for the 8-hour tours from Yellowstone Forever, which explore Yellowstone’s northern range in search of wildlife. Try a short hike, snowshoe or ski outing as part of the day.

Yellowstone Safari Company ( offers a two-day trip to Yellowstone’s northern range, the Winter Wolf and Wildlife Safari. Participants get a long evening to look for the wolves, and then get an early-morning start the following day.

If you want a longer trip, check out Wolf Tracker (, which offers five-day trips, including Wolf Watches in Gardiner, Mont. as well as a Wolf Retreat in Bozeman, Mont. Outings are led by a knowledgeable husband and wife team: He’s a Yellowstone native who’s studied wolf and elk ecology and she’s a researcher and conservationist.


Old Fashioned Yellowstone Tour Bus

Van Tours of Yellowstone National Park

Let someone else do the driving so you can simply see the sights. Interpretive Tours in Yellowstone are available through All Yellowstone Sports, See Yellowstone Summer Van Tour, Grand Teton Lodge Company, and yLoop Road Trips.