Yellowstone ZipLine & Canopy Tours

Soar across a river or through a historic mountain ranch with Yellowstone ZipLine Tours. Two convenient locations, Gardiner and Big Sky

Yellowstone ZipLine Locations

Our two zip line locations are vastly different. While the high-quality equipment and building materials may be the same- the views are worth experiencing both.

In the Gallatin Canyon (Big Sky), you’ll see limestone cliffs lining the walls of the narrow, swift moving Gallatin River from your perch in the trees. Some days the water is so clear you can see each and every rock below as you fly right over it! You also get a unique side of the aerial world with multiple sky bridges, a cargo net and more, tied into the traditional zip line experience.

In Gardiner, at the North Entrance to Yellowstone, our Ranch ZipLine Tours are much more remote. You’ll be driven down a dirt road to a fifth-generation Paradise Valley mountain ranch. This course, nestled in the Cinnabar Basin, has our longest and highest lines as well as beautiful views of the Absaroka Mountains. Soar over 1200ft, ridge to ridge, while looking carefully 200 feet below into the stream carved ravine lined with huckleberry bushes – you might get a chance to see a bear!

Guided Tours

The guides of Yellowstone ZipLine Tours are a unique bunch, looking for a new perspective filled with nature and with people to learn from and give back too. It may be a story about the Natives that occupied the land many years ago or just a simple joke, but these people will fill your adventure with the pureness of just being themselves and sharing with you this beautiful place they call the office.

Yellowstone ZipLine Packages

Turn your zip line adventure into a full day of fun by packaging it with other activities. The most popular package is the infamous Zip ‘N Dip, adding rafting on the Gallatin or Yellowstone River to your zip line tour. We also offer fly fishing, horseback riding and river tubing, so add one, or all of the activities at discounted prices to make the whole family happy!

Why Yellowstone ZipLine?

Reconnecting with nature and family has never been more important than it is today. People so easily lose themselves in their screens and miss out on the most important things in life. We challenge you to take time to experience the world, rather than just sharing it with your online followers. Join the Yellowstone ZipLine family for an adventure and just let go, if even for a day. Be a part of the specialness of this historic and pristine place. Watch your kids smile at something real and share a moment with the guides that put their whole being into making your day special. A truly unique Yellowstone experience!

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Old Fashioned Yellowstone Tour Bus

Van Tours of Yellowstone National Park

Let someone else do the driving so you can simply see the sights. Interpretive Tours in Yellowstone are available through All Yellowstone Sports, See Yellowstone Summer Van Tour, Grand Teton Lodge Company, and yLoop Road Trips.