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Download our 12-page trip planner PDF which includes all the information you need to start planning a vacation to Glacier National Park and the surrounding area.  Here are the highlights of what's included.

  • Overview of the two halves of Glacier, the west side vs. the east side
  • General map of area attractions with suggested road trip from Yellowstone to Glacier and back
  • Basic Glacier National Park map
  • Guide to lodging inside the national park
  • Tips about the top six things to do in the park
  • Wildlife watching field guide
  • And more 

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Featured Vacation Partners

  • CM Russell Museum in Great Falls, Montana - Discover evocative scenes from the 1800s and early 1900s depicted across broad canvases with splashes of bright-colored paint. You’ll find herds of rambunctious elk and the haunting sunlit faces of three Native Americans witnessing a steamboat on the Missouri River for the first time.
  • Western Montana’s Glacier Country - Truly authentic experiences are found among mesmerizing peaks, glistening waters and over 75 charming small-town communities brimming with arts, culture and genuine western hospitality. Find yourself in Western Montana’s breathtaking landscape.
  • Pine Lodge in Whitefish, Montana - Located on the doorstep of majestic Glacier National Park alongside the Whitefish River, Pine Lodge offers comfortable and year-round accommodations for vacationers.