Meet Pete Bookmyer

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Photo by Pete Bookmyer

Greetings visitors! While you are in the midst of planning your unforgettable Yellowstone vacation I am up here living the dream as we speak. My name is Pete Bookmyer and I am Regional Sales Representative for National Park Trips focusing specifically on Yellowstone. I have probably the best job in the world as I get to travel all over the region meeting with the amazing businesses and towns that make Yellowstone such a special place. Let's face it…Yellowstone is not all about Old Faithful. It is really cool to see, but it's the towns and regions surrounding the park that can really take you out of reality and into the surreal. Whether it's staying in a historic hotel, soaking in a hot spring, or just plain getting your cowboy on, Yellowstone Country is truly a place like no other that will take you back in time and most importantly create a magical vacation for you and your family. Again, I don't just preach this….I practice it as well. I live in the magical town of Jackson, Wyoming, about an hour from the South Entrance of the park and situated among some of the most impressive peaks in the world. I hope you enjoy the blog as I take you thru everything from Moose in my backyard…to hiking the Yellowstone Trails…to catching a fly caught 10 pound trout on some of the surrounding rivers and streams. Thanks for visiting the site and make sure to come up and visit us very soon. It's going to be a great summer in Yellowstone Country!!