Promotion of Yellowstone National Park a Natural for Wyoming Native

Get everything you want to know about Yellowstone from home at and on the road in Yellowstone Journal magazines enroute.
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Through and the searchable, expandable links, interactive maps and itineraries, regions to visit features, extensive Things to Do directory, online magazine, email newsletter, leads and direct mail fulfillment program, the company effectively reaches, and markets to folks in their homestates during the trip-planning stages.

The two print magazines provide a connection to Yellowstone's visitors "over the road" when they're traveling en route to or from the park. In fact, our magazines are distributed in strategic places beginning over a day's travel away from the park.

"Since the tragedies of 9/11, more and more families are loading up the car and traveling to the country's natural treasures," says Shelli. "Wyoming and the Greater Yellowstone region has benefited from this. Our magazine is geared to this growing audience."

The magazine is designed to influence people's travel patterns.

"They'll come to a junction in Wyoming, and based on what they see in our magazine, which they've been reading since Denver, Salt Lake or the Black Hills, they'll decide to head north into Montana or head west and enter the park via Wyoming's East Entrance, for example," explains Shelli. "That's why advertising in the magazine is important to regions and attractions in Wyoming."

An ad for a festival taking place at a given time may influence a person's decision to enter via the Yellowstone South or East Entrance. A photo of an Indian Dancer may influence someone to travel through Wind River Country and to the Wind River Indian Reservation.

"A story about the Historic Oregon Trail or the Red Desert or Cheyenne Frontier Days all can lure a family headed to Yellowstone on a worthwhile side trip," said Shelli.

"So this is what we have become - travel consultants and tourism promoters, in addition to journalists covering the world's oldest national park. And as someone who grew up in Wyoming, loves the outdoors, not to mention I'm a Wyoming business owner, I love this fact. I love promoting this great region and all it has to offer. Promoting Yellowstone is our purpose and we're experienced at it."


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